26 mai 2015

Thrown in at the deep end: support for teachers’ first years

educationtodayBy Katarzyna Kubacka. The first day at work can be stressful for anyone. But what if that day involves teaching in front of a classroom filled with disruptive students? This may not be the reality for every new teacher, but as the new Teaching in Focus brief “Supporting new teachers” shows, it is the case for many. Read more...

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More and better private investments

By Erik Solheim. Extreme poverty has been halved in a few decades and more than 600 million people have been brought out of poverty in China alone. Child mortality was also halved and children born today will reach 70 years of age on average. The enormous development progress over the past decades is one of the most significant achievements in human history and business and private investments have played an integral part. More...

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Let’s talk money: What will it take to save our planet?

By Ariana Mozafari. That wise mantra that knowledge is power has clearly never stepped inside a business meeting. In this day and age, money is power. Money builds hospitals and roads and civilisations. The OECD can work its hardest to raise awareness on the truths of climate change, but the world won’t see developments in green technology and infrastructure unless we have eager investors backing up investment and research and development in low-carbon technologies. More...

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Are you rich or poor?

By Brian Keeley. In a world where wealth reports and rich lists regularly occupy the headlines, most of us have surely asked ourselves where we sit on the spectrum that starts with struggling to get by and ends with Bill Gate’s estimated fortune of $79 billion. More...

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Counting cranes, hidden debts

By Brian Keeley. When visitors to Chinese cities are trying to take the pulse of the local economy, they often do a very simple thing – they look out the window and count the cranes.
Crane counting is a trick used by analysts from London to Sydney to get a real-time sense of economic activity: Cranes mean construction, construction means jobs, jobs mean people have money to spend, and so on. More...

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Towards equitable and inclusive quality education and lifelong learning for all by 2030

The World Education Forum 2015, which is being held from 19 to 22 May 2015 in Incheon, Republic of Korea, assembles 1,700 global leaders in education, including 130 ministers. Policy-makers, experts, teachers and representatives of civil society and the private sector are taking stock of achievements and shortfalls in the implementation of the EFA goals. The forum will conclude with comments on the draft Education 2030 Framework for Action and adoption of the Incheon Declaration.
The provision of lifelong learning opportunities for all is one of the key themes during the forum, next to the right to education, equity in education, inclusive education and quality in education.
Conference website: http://en.unesco.org/world-education-forum-2015/
Live streams: https://en.unesco.org/world-education-forum-2015/livestream. More...

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2015 HUMANE Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany (26-27 June, 2015)

Strong Universities for EuropeThe Heads of University Management and Administration Network Europe (HUMANE) is organising its Annual Conference in Berlin, on 26-27 June.
The theme of the conference is ‘University Professors of the Future – New paths for academic talent development and management’. This event will offer a platform to HEIs to discuss and define their HR strategies and management for the future, and also to address important issues. For more information and to register, please visit the event website. More...

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EDEN Annual Conference 2015, Barcelona, Spain (9-12 June 2015)

Strong Universities for EuropeThe European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) Annual Conference 2015 will take place in Barcelona from 9 to 12 June 2015.
The conference will focus on expanding learning scenarios and will showcase developments in ICT, open and distance learning and education from all over the world.
The conference is being co-organised by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). For more information, please visit the event website. More...

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European Ministers adopt the Yerevan Bologna Communiqué

Strong Universities for EuropeOn Friday 15 May, European Education Ministers adopted a new Bologna Communiqué. It acknowledges achievements since their last meeting in Bucharest in 2012, and sets out their commitments for the next phase. Together with representatives of countries from outside the EHEA, they also adopted the Bologna Policy Forum Statement.
While some Ministers may feel that there are more urgent issues than Bologna, university leaders tend to be more positive about the process today than some years ago. This is one of the conclusions from the recently launched EUA Trends 2015 Report.
There was also a strong and unanimous agreement that higher education has a broader and multiple role to play, and that the Bologna Process should include the issue of civic education, and also focus on conditions and factors that can support the quality of education, and of the student experience, including the link between education and research, the role of university staff and digitalisation. In this regard, EUA presented the 2014 study on e-learning and similar results from the Trends 2015 Report during the conference. The report confirms that universities devote increased attention to learning and teaching and that ICT is perceived – next to internationalisation – as one of the key drivers for change and enhancement.
For further information please click here. More...

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Antwerp Declaration: Developing strong institutions to advance the knowledge-based society

Strong Universities for EuropeThe EUA Antwerp Declaration – "A strategic agenda for universities: Developing strong institutions to advance the knowledge-based society" – has been endorsed by EUA’s governing bodies. This declaration addresses policy makers, political leaders and decision makers at all levels – regional, national and European – as well as European universities.
The Antwerp Declaration is an outcome of the extensive dialogue in the areas of research and innovation of EUA with its university membership and National Rectors’ Conferences, and the discussions held at the EUA Annual Conference 2015 at the University of Antwerp.
To read the declaration in full, please click here. More...

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