Strong Universities for EuropeOn Friday 15 May, European Education Ministers adopted a new Bologna Communiqué. It acknowledges achievements since their last meeting in Bucharest in 2012, and sets out their commitments for the next phase. Together with representatives of countries from outside the EHEA, they also adopted the Bologna Policy Forum Statement.
While some Ministers may feel that there are more urgent issues than Bologna, university leaders tend to be more positive about the process today than some years ago. This is one of the conclusions from the recently launched EUA Trends 2015 Report.
There was also a strong and unanimous agreement that higher education has a broader and multiple role to play, and that the Bologna Process should include the issue of civic education, and also focus on conditions and factors that can support the quality of education, and of the student experience, including the link between education and research, the role of university staff and digitalisation. In this regard, EUA presented the 2014 study on e-learning and similar results from the Trends 2015 Report during the conference. The report confirms that universities devote increased attention to learning and teaching and that ICT is perceived – next to internationalisation – as one of the key drivers for change and enhancement.
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