25 mai 2015

keynote #emoocs2015 @davecormier on rhizomatic learning

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. Great keynote by Dave Cormier, here are the live blog words:
Live blogpost
Potentially Massive, radically open, conceptually onlne, still a course
Dave narrates his local space, Prins Edward Island, enabling people to connect with the world thourhg online learning
Trying to figure out what exactly you can do with it, with internet. He is a teacher by nature. He recounts the moment where he thought (as a teacher): what am I doing, what am I missing, what is out there and what is not. Read more...

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Eine Uni wird geräumt

Von Caspar Shaller. Mitten in Amsterdams mittelalterlichem Stadtzentrum steht ein Verwaltungsgebäude der Universiteit van Amsterdam, das Maagdenhuis. Es ist seit sechs Wochen besetzt – doch das fällt zwischen den im Sonnenschein gefüllten Straßencafés kaum auf. Es wirkt, als hätten sich ein paar Jugendliche versammelt, die den ersten schönen Frühlingstag nutzen, um sich auf die braunen Pflastersteine zu setzen. Nur farbige Girlanden kennzeichnen die Besetzung. Mehr...

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Institutions Go Beyond Recruitment to Support and Retain International Students

INSIGHT Into DiversityBy . International students are streaming onto American college campuses in unprecedented numbers. However, many of them face significant financial and academic hurdles as they advance in their studies, placing greater demands on schools to better serve these students’ needs and expectations.
Compared to a decade ago, 40 percent more foreign-born students now attend American colleges, according to the Institute of International Education (IIE). And each year, nearly 900,000 international college students matriculate into the United States, with the majority of them coming from China. More...

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4 major issues of the Higher Education Act reauthorization

eCampus NewsSenate education committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-Wash.) today announced several bipartisan, full committee staff working groups to address four major issues related to the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. More...

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What new research says about unique teacher credentialing programs

eCampus NewsIn a new study on teacher education, the Clayton Christensen Institute profiles credentialing programs and graduate schools of education that have emerged from the charter school landscape. More...

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Higher-ed execs prioritize career outcomes

eCampus NewsImproving how institutions track career outcomes has emerged as the highest priority for senior executives of online and professional higher education programs, according to the annual Future of Online and Professional Education Survey from EAB. More...

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Where is scholarship headed in the digital age?

eCampus NewsThe tenure system is still built on a publish-or-perish foundation, but what does it mean to “publish” in a digital age? How does an institution appropriately evaluate, and reward, a body of academic work that is collaborative, iterative, and communal in nature. More...

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Should more students use LinkedIn?

eCampus NewsBy Queenie Wong. What the business-oriented social network is doing to help students find the right careers. More...

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Faculty-developed tools that bend the curve on student engagement

eCampus NewsBy Colin Montpetit. Three years ago, several colleagues at the University of Ottawa made a push to ban the use of laptops in the classroom, citing concerns that students were not engaged during class. They’re not alone. There has been a decade-long debate taking place at institutions over whether there should be rules in place to govern the use of laptops and smartphones in class. More...

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3 considerations for the device-agnostic class

eCampus NewsBy Bridget McCrea. In the 2015 Higher Education Edition of the Horizon Report, The New Media Consortium pinpoints Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as one of the most important developments in educational technology with a time-to-adoption horizon of one year or less. More...

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