17 mai 2015

Universities denied access to West's science journals

By Eugene Vorotnikov. Science departments in Russia’s universities are facing a crisis of information following the decision last week of a Western publisher to lock them out of access to thousands of unique scientific journals and magazines because the government can no longer afford to foot the bill. Read more...

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Rankings are not the only way universities can gain global brand recognition

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In our World Blog, William Patrick Leonard suggests that it is not only the research-based universities which can create a global brand, and there is an alternative to rankings to achieve such recognition.
In Commentary, Philip G Altbach argues that developing the OECD’s AHELO system for assessing higher education learning and outcomes is a waste of time and money. Dmitry Semyonov says plans to dramatically cut the number of higher education institutions in Russia are driven by demographic changes and the fall-out from demand-driven growth by whatever means. Nader Habibi says the number of students in Turkey rose by 91% from 2008 to 2013 and the labour market is not ready for that number of graduate jobseekers.
And in Features, Maria Elena Hurtado reports on the questions being asked following a series of economic scandals in Chile, about whether economics courses focus enough on ethics.
Also this week, in a Special Report, Karen MacGregor reports from the Association of Commonwealth Universities and Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association’s conference on ‘research and innovation for global challenges’ held in Johannesburg last week. Read more...

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Deep Recession-Era Cuts Making for a Difficult Rebound

HomeMany states are moderately restoring higher education funding, but major cuts during the 2008 recession have made for an uphill battle.
In 47 states, per-student public funding for higher education remains well below prerecession levels, according to a report released Wednesday by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Read more...

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Survey: 49% of Recent Grads Say They're Underemployed

HomeForty-nine percent of students who graduated college in 2013 and 2014 consider themselves underemployed, according to an Accenture college graduate employment survey released Wednesday. Read more...

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Victims of Train Derailment With Academic Ties

HomeAmong those killed Tuesday when a New York City-bound Amtrak train derailed north of Philadelphia were a college dean, the CEO of an ed-tech start-up, and a sophomore. Read more...

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A Professor Who Can Truly Multitask

HomeSydney Engelberg is a professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem who teaches organizational management, and he allows students with babies to bring them to class. In a recent class, one such baby started crying, and the baby's mother started to leave the class with her child. Read more...

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Study Raises Questions on Teacher Ed Ratings

HomeThe National Council on Teacher Quality regularly issues reports on the state of teacher education programs, finding that many do not meet the group's standards for rigorous preparation. On Thursday, the University of North Carolina system released a study it did in collaboration with NCTQ that raises questions about the value of meeting the standards. Read more...

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Study: Many Band Members Have Witnessed Hazing

HomeAbout 30 percent of college marching band members surveyed in a new national study reported that they had observed hazing in their programs. Few of the students said they ever reported the behavior, however. “Despite all of our efforts, the message about hazing is still not getting out there,” Jason Silveira, an assistant professor of music education at Oregon State University and one of the study's authors, stated. Read more...

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Video of 'Rude' Academic Adviser Goes Viral

HomeKennesaw State University said Thursday it is "reviewing the concerns" of a student who posted a video online showing an academic adviser threatening to call security on the student as he allegedly waited for assistance. Read more...

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Security Breach on SAT in United States

HomeWhile testing companies must respond constantly to allegations of security breaches outside the United States, the Educational Testing Service is investigating a possible security breach on the SAT given in the United States on May 2, The Washington Post reported. Read more...

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