IAU_Horizons_vol_21_1In preparation for the IAU Global Meeting of Associations 6, this issue - IAU Horizons, 21, 1 - offers reports on IAU priority areas, new projects and initiatives, especially LGEU, and upcoming events and conferences.
By Juan-Luis Klein. For a perspective of social innovation focused on transformation: towards knowledge that changes the world
Pondering on social transformation through social innovation means thinking about how experiments, which take place in civil society, in agencies, sometimes marginally, result in the transformation of society. It is a reflection on the practices of citizens and organizations working for the wellbeing of communities by experimenting with solutions to problems, which have not been resolved by the existing institutional structure, and, in some cases, caused by the existing institutional structure. Are these practices confined only to the provision of a timely solution to the problems experienced by the communities or do they fall within broader, more comprehensive processes that transform society. Download IAU Horizons, 21, 1.