IAU_Horizons_vol_21_1In preparation for the IAU Global Meeting of Associations 6, this issue - IAU Horizons, 21, 1 - offers reports on IAU priority areas, new projects and initiatives, especially LGEU, and upcoming events and conferences.
By Michel Venne. Social Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education – Lessons from a Québécois Spring
Universities will not be able to survive the pressures of the demands from society if they do not adapt their educational services and their relationship with the communities they serve. In the spring of 2012, Québec was shaken by a social crisis triggered by the students’ protest movement about tuition fees.
From the disorder created by the nightly events and the monster rallies in downtown Montréal arose a much broader reflection.
Young and old spoke on the subject at the Summit on Higher Education, convened in the following months by the new government. Beyond the exchanges on university funding and management, emerged a vision of the betrothed university. Download IAU Horizons, 21, 1.