IAU_Horizons_vol_21_1In preparation for the IAU Global Meeting of Associations 6, this issue - IAU Horizons, 21, 1 - offers reports on IAU priority areas, new projects and initiatives, especially LGEU, and upcoming events and conferences.
By Pornchai Mongkhonvanit and Yhing Sawheny. Social innovation, Roles, Challenges and Perspectives for Higher Education
Social Innovation is the new approach that permeates the ideas and concepts developed by all organizations (education, businesses and NGOs) to meet the social needs; these concern working conditions and education to community development and health care and aim at extending and strengthening the community living.
Social Innovation can be used as the advanced method in which the role of educational institutions can evolve the collaboration from society which is through engagement with communities that will allow academics and students to explore surrounding communities as a laboratory for their education in a real life environment. This will in turn create more linkages between academics and students and people in communities, whereby knowledge and skills are transcended into all stakeholders. Ultimately, educational institutions and communities can move together towards a more sustainable development that can provide momentum for social movement to drive social change for the betterment of the society. Download IAU Horizons, 21, 1.