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1 mai 2015

Innovation in higher education: A Modality Or An End?

IAU_Horizons_vol_21_1In preparation for the IAU Global Meeting of Associations 6, this issue - IAU Horizons, 21, 1 - offers reports on IAU priority areas, new projects and initiatives, especially LGEU, and upcoming events and conferences.
By Guy Breton. Innovation in higher education: A Modality Or An End?
No matter that everything is well, as long as we ensure that everything is better than it was before us. Condorcet
In 2010, the OECD released its Strategy for Innovation, the result of a process initiated in 2007, which mobilized about fifteen committees of experts, responsible for proposing guidelines to address a range of political, economic, demographic and social issues with a global dimension, and which consequently called for answers on a worldwide scale. The five priority axes around which this strategy is built affect universities in each of their three fundamental missions: research, education and social function.
These priorities of action are set out as follows:

  • Endow individuals with the ability to innovate;
  • Foster innovation in companies;
  • Create knowledge and put it into practice;
  • Rely on innovation to meet global and social challenges;
  • Improve governance policies in favour of innovation. Download IAU Horizons, 21, 1.
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