10 avril 2015

Middle Eastern Students Abroad: In Numbers

By Laura Bridgestock. The past decade and a half has seen immense growth in the number of Middle Eastern students completing at least part of their university education abroad. This trend has been fuelled by government sponsorship schemes, exemplified by Saudi Arabia’s huge King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP), which is set to run until at least 2020.
While this is both the largest and best-known such scheme, many other Middle Eastern nations – including Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Oman, Libya and Iraq – operate similar initiatives, in recognition of the long-term economic benefits of boosting access to world-leading universities and international experience. And as perceptions of the benefits of studying abroad grow, the number of self-funded international students from the region has also increased. More...

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7 Reasons to Become a Blogger at University

By Volina Serban. “Sharing is caring” must be of the most viral quotes on (and about) the internet. We live indeed in the internet era and online presence has undoubtedly become not just complementary to the offline world, but almost compulsory. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ – the more present you are on such platforms, the better. Your online presence shapes your image and it is of particular importance for young people to build up a positive image of themselves, both online and offline, not just for social reasons but also to boost employment prospects. More...

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The Truth Behind 7 Common PhD Myths

By Eva Lantsoght. We all have thoughts, expectations and (limiting) beliefs about what a PhD is like when we start our doctoral journey. It has now been almost two years since I defended my thesis, and there are a number of things I wish I knew when I started graduate school.
When we start our program and see senior PhD students suffering, we might be setting ourselves up for a tough time to come. But less than halfway through my four-year program, I got interested in productivity and improving my workflow as an academic. By experimenting with these techniques, I not only learned how to improve my work, but I also realized that many of the common beliefs held by PhD candidates are outdated or wrong. I’ve here gathered a list of seven myths. More...

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L'évaluation de la formation vue par le CNEFP

Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes)Le CNEFP, Conseil national d'évaluations de la formation professionnelle a publié en décembre dernier son rapport d'activité 2014. Avec l'ANI de décembre 2013 sur la formation professionnelle, le Conseil s'est vu confier de nouvelles missions. Il doit désormais consolider les évaluations réalisées sur les programmes confiés aux Opca et au Fonds paritaire de sécurisation des parcours professionnels (FPSPP), sur les mesures prises pour évaluer la qualité des formations et sur les dispositifs innovants mis en place par les branches pour atteindre les objectifs de l’ANI.
Consulter le rapport annuel du CNEFP (52 p.). Voir l'article...

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Appel à projets : mobilité et accompagnement vers l'emploi des jeunes

Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes)Les Ministères sociaux (santé, travail, jeunesse et sports) ont lancé un appel à projets portant sur l'accompagnement des lauréats de l'expérimentation "Mobilité et accompagnement vers l'emploi des jeunes" (AP5 Mobilité), mis en oeuvre dans le cadre du Fonds d'expérimentation pour la jeunesse (FEJ).
Cette expérimentation sera constituée par des projets, selon un cahier des charges défini par la Direction de la jeunesse, de l'éducation populaire et de la vie associative.
Date limite de remise des plis : le 30 avril 2015 à 17 heures 30.
Télécharger le dossier de consultation. Voir l'article...

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Countering the assault on science

Montreal Gazette	logo

They say there is no fervour like that of the recently converted. This may be one way to comprehend the health-conscious zeal and meteoric rise of self-styled celebrity blogger Vani Hari — a.k.a. Food Babe. Read more...

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Seeking skilled labour, Ontario boosts apprenticeship training by $55-million

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Simona Chiose. The Ontario government will add $55-million to apprenticeship training, money that will include programs to raise awareness about careers in the trades among groups that are not well represented in these careers. Read more...

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Reforming education from the bottom up in Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Gabriel Zinny. Many cities in Latin America have taken the lead in promoting education reform, demonstrating that city-wide reforms could have a greater impact and present less difficulty than attempting to reform the system at a national level. More...

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TRCC launches in UK, French universities

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "taiwantoday logo"A Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies was launched April 7 at Oxford University, paving the way for expanded academic cooperation between Taiwan and the U.K., according to Taipei City-based National Central Library.
Jointly unveiled by NCL Director-General Tseng Shu-hsien and Catriona Cannon, assistant librarian of Oxford Bodleian Libraries, the facility is the 14th of its kind worldwide and the second in the U.K. following the first set up in 2012 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
Four days before, the first TRCC in France was inaugurated at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, the first institution to offer Taiwan language courses in Europe. The NCL also concluded a joint cataloguing pact April 2 with the Lyon Public Library, the largest such facility in the country. More...

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