06 avril 2015

TOOLS FOR LEADERS: 5 Tables To Expand Your Thinking

By Brian Mathews. I have an assortment of tables, graphs, and charts that I have been collecting related to leadership and problem solving. Here are a few that I have found particularly useful. More...

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Institutions’ Misplaced Fear of Fossil-Fuel Divestment

By . The campus divestment movement is losing. The wealthiest, most prestigious colleges and universities are declining to divest. News reports indicate that Harvard actually increased substantially its holdings in oil and gas companies in the fall of 2014. The message is clear. Market logic rules. Profits come first, even for not-for-profit institutions. More...

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A New Era? The Outlook for U.S.-Cuba Academic Relations

By . A new era in U.S.-Cuba relations was ushered in on December 17th when the presidents of both countries announced they were prepared to end nearly six decades of estrangement. I had nearly lost hope that in my lifetime there would be a rapprochement between my adopted nation and the island where I was born and which I left 55 years ago with my parents. More...

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New Rankings Paint a False Picture of Arab Universities

By . Even people who complain that university rankings do not provide very useful information are still inclined to look at them.
On many levels, rankings appear valid: Princeton (ranked first by U.S. News & World Report, seventh by Times Higher Education) is really good; Rutgers (ranked 70th and 144th, respectively) is just plain good.
Recently, however, two university rankers decided to venture into new territory by ranking universities in the Middle East. U.S. News released its list of Best Arab Region Universities in November 2014—its first attempt to rank non-U.S. universities. And in February 2015, Times Higher Education released its MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Top 30, noting that only three Middle Eastern universities showed up in its World University Rankings’ top 400. Both publications say that they will continue to work on their methodologies — Times Higher Education calls its Top 30 a “snapshot” that is part of a much larger planned ranking of Middle East universities. More...

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Open Thread Wednesday: the Cloud

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/profhacker-45.pngBy . The Cloud is where it’s at. This is probably not news to anyone who reads ProfHacker. We’ve talked about cloud storage for years: Dropbox, Spider Oak, Google Drive, and Copy. There are also other options like Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s OneDrive. More...

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