29 mars 2015

How Much Do College Students Actually Pay For Textbooks?

By Phil Hill. With all of the talk about the unreasonably high price of college textbooks, the unfulfilled potential of open educational resources (OER), and student difficulty in paying for course materials, it is surprising how little is understood about student textbook expenses. The following two quotes illustrate the most common problem. More...

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Postscript on Student Textbook Expenditures: More details on data sources

By Phil Hill. There has been a fair amount of discussion around my post two days ago about what US postsecondary students actually pay for textbooks. More...

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Free eLearning solutions at the Learning Exchange platform @eLearningGuild

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. The eLearning Guild has launched an interesting content creating and sharing program, called the Learning Exchange. The idea is simple: let your members share their expertise (fits any expert learning format). The nice thing is that we all get to know each other better, and it provides us a stage to share eLearning content that we make anyway. There have been similar platforms, but they sometimes faded over time. With the eLearning Guild having so many members, eLearning experts, I feel that this initiative might just work pure on the basis of its rich community. And it is more practical then for instance the Educause discussions, as it is about providing training, getting tips and solutions for real life eLearning challenges. The platform also provides a discussion area, called NOW@ as well. Read more...

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Horizontal governance and learning dynamics in higher education

We are pleased to share with you a presentation of some of the key messages from a large scale project “Horizontal governance and learning dynamics in higher education (HORIZON). The project is undertaken at the Faculty of Educational Sciences in University of Oslo. More...

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The Governance Paradox. Enduring and emerging tensions in the governance of universities

We are pleased to share with you a presentation of some of the key messages from a large scale project “European Flagship Universities; balancing academic excellence and socio-economic relevance (FLAGSHIP)The project is undertaken at the University of Oslo with partners at Universities of Twente, Aarhus and Helsinki, as well as LH Martin Institute at University of Melbourne. More...

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The Next Assault On The Ivory Tower: Unbundling The College Degree

ForbesBy Ryan Craig. In 2003, the iTunes Store unbundled the CD. Suddenly, consumers could purchase only the songs they wanted rather than the bundle designated by the artist and label. Sales of digital singles soared but overall revenue fell 50% in a decade.It is with good reason that cable companies fiercely oppose a la carte pricing. Estimates suggest that they could lose up to half of their current revenue with such a model. Live streaming options from HBO and Netflix, are already beginning to chip away at the cable bundle. More...

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Why global education is more than a “race”


By SI News. In our globalized, hyper-connected world, it can seem like everything is a competition. Finishing a project first, getting the scoop on breaking news, responding immediately to a text message – everything is about getting there before anyone else.
In many places, this competitive mindset extends to the world of education, where standardized testing and the battle for limited spots in elite universities has turned learning into a zero-sum race. More...

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Education Ministers Rub Elbows in Abu Dhabi

By Nour Al-Ali. The attendees at the Gulf Education Conference here last week got a glimpse of the plans of some of region’s ministers who focus on education, and the challenges they face.
The two-day Gulf Education Conference had twin themes—vocational education and “employer engagement with educational institutions.”

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The Blind Side of Arab Education: Disabled Students

By Eman Kamel. A conference here called “Definitely Able” tried to make sure that all could participate, with ramps to the stage to allow wheelchair access, sign language interpretation in English and Arabic, and a monitor that immediately translates speech into written words. More...

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Social Sciences Growing in the Arab World—But Slowly

By Rasha Faek. Despite the rapid growth of universities in the Arab world, the social sciences are only offered by 55 percent of them, a new report has found. More...

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