28 mars 2015

REF Impact: much more than just economic

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By . The construction industry is one of the most dangerous sectors, but over the last decade the rate of serious injuries has more than halved in the UK. Research carried out in the engineering department of Loughborough University has played an important role in developing frameworks and practices that underpin this improvement. More...

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Opening the Secret Garden – a journey into tertiary education

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By . The Association of Colleges’ (AoC) annual HE conference is one of the main opportunities in the year to consider the important role college-based higher education plays within the HE system. In the months ahead of a general election – where the provision of higher technical skills and cost of higher education seem set to play a major part – this was an excellent opportunity to hear from experts in the field, and from politicians, on the likely shape of colleges’ contribution to tertiary education in the coming years. More...

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Does the subject you study at university affect whether you will start a business?

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By . In short, yes. In our report : Research to Assess the Nature and Annual Value of Student Start-Ups, focusing on student start-ups and students involved in spin-outs, students who studied within art and design and computer science are far more likely to start up a business. More...

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Helping students to choose: CMA publishes advice on consumer law and higher education

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By . What kind of information should be available to prospective students when they’re making that vital decision about choosing their higher education course?  The Competition and Markets Authority has just issued some advice for higher education providers that clarifies their legal obligations and a guide to consumer rights for students. More...

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Is it worth investing in student enterprise through innovation funding?

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By . Our exploratory study of the value of student start-ups published today and our report last year: Knowledge exchange performance and the impact of HEIF in the English higher education sector address these questions. More...

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Higher level skills opportunities opening up

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By . While the political parties appear to be differentiating themselves on higher education policy in the run-up to the election, one area they do agree on is the importance of apprenticeships. More...

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Universities as anchor institutions

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By . Whilst the role of universities in local economic growth is not a new story – during the 19th century many universities were established to accelerate regional growth and social prosperity – there is renewed emphasis on how universities and colleges can contribute to local economic growth story. More...

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What can we learn? An international perspective on regulation

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By . What can English higher education learn from regulation in other countries? HEFCE is thinking carefully about how we should perform our role as the lead regulator for higher education in England and what can be learned from other countries. More...

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Student protection: what’s to be done?

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By . When an HE provider is no longer able to meet their commitment to deliver a course or programme, what happens to the students. More...

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Working with schools: Universities sponsoring academies, university technical colleges (UTCs) and free schools

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By . HEFCE recently held an event for higher education institutions (HEIs) involved in sponsorship relationships with academies, UTCs and free schools. More...

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