23 mars 2015

Statut et rémunération des fonctionnaires : tout ce qui va changer

Acteurs Publics, logoPar Sylvain Henry. La ministre de la Fonction publique, Marylise Lebranchu, a donné un nouvel élan à la négociation sur les parcours professionnels, les carrières et les rémunérations des agents publics, qui doit aboutir le 2 juin. Suite...

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Etudiants en ESPE : pourquoi ils veulent devenir profs

Par Charles Centofanti. Alors que le nombre de candidats aux concours de professeurs est en hausse pour la session 2015, quatre étudiants en première année d’Ecoles supérieures du professorat et de l'éducation (ESPE) expliquent leur choix… et leurs doutes. Voir l'article...

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Men (Still) Explain Technology to Me: Gender and Education Technology

http://hackeducation.com/assets/images/pigeons.jpgBy Audrey Watters. Late last year, I gave a similarly titled talk – “Men Explain Technology to Me” – at the University of Mary Washington. (I should note here that the slides for that talk were based on a couple of blog posts that I found particularly funny, “Women Listening to Men in Art” and “Art History: Women Ignoring Men.” I wanted to do something similar with my slides today: find historical photos of men explaining computers to women. More...

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A Brief History of Calculators in the Classroom

http://hackeducation.com/assets/images/pigeons.jpgBy Audrey Watters. Certainly some classrooms long ago sanctioned the use of a different sort of calculating instrument, the slide rule. But the calculator seems to evoke all sorts of fears that students’ computational abilities would be ruined, that students would become too reliant upon machines, that they wouldn’t learn how to estimate, that they wouldn’t learn from their errors. More...

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Pearson, PARCC, Privacy, Surveillance, & Trust

http://hackeducation.com/assets/images/pigeons.jpgBy Audrey Watters. Last Friday, former Star-Ledger education reporter Bob Braun posted a screenshot on his blog of an email by a New Jersey superintendent detailing a “Priority 1 Alert” issued by Pearson and the state department of education, alleging that a student had tweeted about a test question on the PARCC, causing a security breach. More...

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SRA Cards: A History of Programmed Instruction and Personalization

http://hackeducation.com/assets/images/pigeons.jpgBy Audrey Watters. I still shudder at the thought of having to choose a reading assignment from among the multi-colored tabs in the big box of reading assignments at the back of my elementary school classroom.
Don Parker described his development in 1950 of what became the ubiquitous SRA cards like this (PDF). More...

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Doxxing to Defend Student Privacy

http://hackeducation.com/assets/images/pigeons.jpgBy Audrey Watters. News broke late last week, thanks to Bob Braun’s Ledger, that Pearson is engaged in social media monitoring of those involved in the PARCC exams. (News flash: lots of schools, lots of corporations, lots of testing orgs are.) I’ve written at length already about the implications of surveillance of students online – for free speech, privacy, identity formation, equity, justice. More...

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Hack Education Weekly - 13 Mar 2015

http://hackeducation.com/assets/images/pigeons.jpgBy Audrey Watters. MOOCs and UnMOOCs
Accredible Partners with Udacity to Provide Context to Nanodegrees
EdX and Microsoft Launch IT Development MOOCs
“Cut Through the Hype, and MOOCs Still Have Had a Lasting Impact,” insists The Chronicle of Higher Education, which is loathe to find something else to write about, I reckon, as long as we can squeeze out a few more stories on the topic. More...

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Hack Education Weekly - 20 Mar 2015

http://hackeducation.com/assets/images/pigeons.jpgBy Audrey Watters. MOOCs and UnMOOCs
This press release boasts that “MOOCs revenue to reach $1.5 billion in 2015.” cough bullshit cough.
Interesting research by Justin Reich and John Hansen on socioeconomic status and MOOC enrollees. tl;dr: “Overall, HarvardX registrants tend to reside in more affluent neighborhoods.” I’m kidding:Read the whole thing.
“Yale’s First Online Degree Gets Complaints From Alumni, Cheers From Investors,” reports Buzzfeed’s Molly Hensley-Clancy. More...

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QS University Rankings: BRICS 2014

Welcome to the QS University Rankings: BRICS, a dedicated ranking of the top 200 universities in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Find out which universities are the top performers in these key emerging economies, based on eight major performance indicators.
It draws on two huge global surveys of academics and employers, combined with data on faculty/student ratio, research paper publications and citations, proportion of staff with a PhD, and percentages of international faculty and students. More...

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