23 mars 2015

Study Group: 2014 growth; 3 new ventures

By  Beckie Smith. This week Study Group has announced three new HE ventures in the UK and US on the back of its 2014 full year report showing 4% growth in EBITDA.  The partnerships with the University of LawCoventry University London Campus and Merrimack College will help to fuel further growth in the higher education division and offset decline in its ELT entity Embassy English. More...

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Unemployment lower for mobile students, IU finds

By  Beckie Smith. Students who are globally mobile have a lower unemployment rate and end up earning more as graduates than their non-mobile counterparts in most subject areas, a new report from the UK Higher Education International Unit has found. More...

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Three arrested in US ‘pay-to-stay’ school scam

By  Beckie Smith. Homeland Security Investigations special agents have arrested three Los Angeles residents who allegedly ran a ‘pay-to-stay’ scheme across a network of four schools that enabled hundreds of foreign nationals to remain in the US without actually attending class. More...

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US teacher Nancy Atwell wins $1m 'Nobel prize for teaching' in Dubai

By , Alfred Joyner. A US eighth-grade teacher has fought off competition from 5,000 educators from across the world to bag a $1m (£680,000) global teaching award. 
Nancie Atwell, from Maine, won the GEMS Foundation Global Teacher Prize, launched by former US president Bill Clinton last year, at a star-studded awards ceremony in Dubai.
Atwell, who encouraged her students to read 40 books a year – four times the US national average – and set up the Centre for Teaching and Learning in Maine, said she would use the prize to fund tuition and to buy more books. More...

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Distance Education—Banned in Bahrain

By Islam Alzeny. Distance education that allows adults with families and jobs to study in the evenings and on weekends has revolutionized education in many parts of the world. But not in Bahrain. 
A 2010 government decree blocks recognition of degrees earned through virtually all forms of distance education–programs run by institutions outside the country and aimed chiefly at working adults. Bahraini students’ only options are usually to study during the working week at the more than 20 higher-education institutions based in the country. Although some local private universities offer evening programs, they cost up to $4,000 per semester, far higher than the cost of foreign institutions. More...

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Iraqis Watch Antiquities Take Hit After Hit

By Gilgamesh Nabeel, Sarah Lynch. Islamic State militants in Iraq have forced archaeologists to abandon their posts, attacked prized historical sites and embraced an illicit antiquities trade that experts say helps fund their activities. Now, the fate of the Iraq’s cultural heritage remains unclear as officials and experts remain limited in their abilities to even assess the damage. More...

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Lousy Internet Speeds? Not for Researchers in the UAE

By Benjamin Plackett. Sometimes technology just breathes quietly in the background, and growls with power only when you need it to. 
That’s the hope for the United Arab Emirates academic network, known as Ankabut. More...

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NYU Professor Blocked From Traveling to UAE

By Benjamin Plackett. Some scholars are calling into question the level of academic freedom granted to researchers at New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi, after one of the university’s professors was not allowed to board a flight from J.F.K. airport to the emirate on Saturday night. More...

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How to support a massive growth of digital content

eCampus NewsThe University of Arizona’s Center for Creative Photography has implemented Zetta.net’s cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution to support its anticipated massive growth of digital content, as well as backup for mission-critical materials important for day-to-day operations. More...

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State’s community colleges make transfer history

eCampus NewsThe agreement supports a White House initiative to strengthen and expand the capacity of HBCUs to provide quality higher education to students, and supporters say the agreement opens up new ways for students to gain access to educational opportunities. More...

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