23 mars 2015

Finland to Overhaul Education System and Scrap Learning by Subject

By Anita Sthankiya. Finland is going to be doing something radical to change the way education is taught to students in that country. 
The Finnish National School Board has decided to scrap the current education system and move towards a “teaching by topic” system. By taking away the idea of teaching by subject, the school board hopes that the new system will support learning in a changing world. Called the Development School Network, the schools will consist of cooperation, innovation, and open-minded and experimental development activities. More...

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Why Stockholm is the 'Boston of Europe'

It’s no secret that Stockholm and Boston are premier cities for higher education on their respective sides of the Atlantic. But a closer look reveals that similarities between the two cities go well beyond academics.
While Boston’s Harvard University may have been founded in 1636, the history of academic Stockholm dates all the way back to 1576, and its sterling reputation has only been burnished and brightened with the passing of time. More...

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Two public universities target world 100 best by 2020

Teacher found hanged in school classroomThe Education Ministry is targeting two public universities in the country to be in the top world 100 best universities by 2020.
Second Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh said the government would implement the Malaysian Education Blueprint (Higher Education) for 2015-2025 which would be launched on April 7, to drive efforts towards achieving the objective. More...

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Global research priorities require engagement, alignment

By Amy Baker. A new global priority to embed academia and industry links to foster better outcomes in research and knowledge agendas, was a universal agreement across senior stakeholders attending the British Council’s most recent Global Education Dialogue in Canberra. More...

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SI-UK scales up activities with big goals in Thailand

By Natalie Marsh. Global student recruitment firm, SI-UK, is planning to further expand its reach around the world by taking its UK university fair into Europe, opening a new office in Turkey and Nigeria and building links in the UK with a federation of boarding schools via ASIS. More...

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First Chinese school planned for Dubai

By Natalie Marsh. Dubai’s first Chinese international school will open in around two years’ time, it has been announced, as new government statistics show the Emirate’s private schools sector continues to boom. Eleven new private schools have opened in Dubai this year and last year and annual fee revenue has reached 5.35bn AED (US$252m). More...

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SKEMA Business School to open campus in Brazil

By Natalie Marsh. French business school, SKEMA, has announced it is opening its first campus in Latin America near Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, Brazil. More...

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Thai PM pushes ELT as AEC launch approaches

By  Beckie Smith. Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, highlighted the importance of English language education in a nationally televised address this month as a country-wide evaluation of English teachers gets underway. Meanwhile, global pathway and ELT provider Kaplan International has opened its first head office in Thailand. More...

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NZ: schools peak body to be a “voice for the sector”

By  Beckie Smith. A new peak body that will provide support to K-12 schools active in New Zealand’s international sector launched this month and is looking for more businesses to join its 15 founding members. The association will help further develop internationalisation within New Zealand schools, many of which already work significantly with the international market. More...

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Qualifications deal to boost UK-Mexico mobility

By  Beckie Smith. Mexico and the UK have signed a mutual qualifications recognition agreement which stakeholders say will increase bilateral student mobility, enabling up to 170,000 students to use their qualifications in either country for work or study. More...

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