10 mars 2015

About HOME - Higher education Online: MOOCs the European way

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "home.eadtu"HOME stands for Higher education Online: MOOCs the European way. HOME is a European funded project, initiated and coordinated by EADTU, which started in January 2014.
The aim of the project is:
• to develop and strengthen an open network
• for European cooperation
• on open education, in general,
• and MOOCs, in particular.
The partners will build an open institutional network on MOOCs based on European values like openness, equity, quality and diversity. More...

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The OER Foundation was established in 2009 – with the goal of using open education as a means to provide leadership and international networking, as well as supporting educational institutions to achieve their strategic objectives. The OER Foundation hosts WikiEducator, a flagship community of +65,000 educators, which focuses on being able to share knowledge freely. More...

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The European Union and the Education in the Developing Countries

Without any doubt,the developing countries drastically suffer from providing their inhabitants with poor education. The miserable education system in different regions of the Third World is a critical issue that we shed the light upon ,because it has serious dimensions that must be taken into consideration in regards to its effects on the rest of the world. Let us start with the environment where the education is delivered in many of the developing countries is unhealthy and unfit for practising the educational process. More...

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eLearning papers: innovation and entrepreneurship, and coming up - design patterns, MOOCs and games

I'd like to open this post by thanking the board of eLearning papers, and in particular the chair of the board, Professor Tapio Koskinen, for inviting me to join the journal team as the new editor in chief. I’ve been following eLearning Papers for quite some time, with great interest and appreciation, so I’m really excited to take this role. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Laia Canals, the previous editor in chief, for the great work she’s done over the last few years. More...

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Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning

Innovative skills assessment and training solutions for enhanced capacity and impact of volunteering in Europe. OER-REVEAL-2 builds upon a successful project that produced 12 courses in 6 languages and transposes it into OER environment in 11 languages. More...

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New Month New MOOCs - Download now the scoreboard image!

More than 1.000 European MOOCs are already listed in the portal. Have a look at the March MOOCs Scoreboard which displays all European MOOCs at a glance on an interactive European Map. More...

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The Open Education Group launches tool to help evaluate the impact of adopting OER

The Open Education Group has just announced the release of an online tool that allows learning institutions to calculate the impact of adopting open educational resources (OER) instead of commercial textbooks. More...

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“Institutional MOOC strategies in Europe” report published by EADTU

The HOME project conducted a survey about MOOCs perceptions and objectives between October and December 2014 among 67 institutions out of 22 European countries, representing in total about 2.8 millions of students. More...

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InformED suggests list of most influential ways technology has transformed education

In the era of mobile apps, eLearning platforms and programmes, which are the most influential ways technology has transformed education? This is the question educator Saga Briggs asks at a recent post published at InformED, the Open Colleges blog about education. More...

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EMMA launches spring programme with five new MOOCs

The European Multiple MOOC Aggregator (EMMA) brings together leading university partners providing online, easy-to-access learning opportunities that are open to all learners. More...

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