02 mars 2015

Tech expenses could be allowed under 529 spending

eCampus NewsBy . Computers and technology equipment would become qualified expenses in 529 college savings plans under a bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on Feb. 25.
H.R. 529 also designates computer software and internet access as qualified expenses while students are enrolled in school. More...

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Even more higher-ed IT services moving to the cloud

eCampus NewsBy . The information comes from CDW’s “Cloud 401: Navigating Advanced Topics in Cloud Computing.” The report measures the successes and struggles that organizations across multiple industries experienced as they deployed data, storage or application services in the cloud. More...

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Penn State’s $30M innovation initiative

eCampus NewsBy . Pennsylvania State University is investing $30 million to bring awareness to student innovations, boost student success, spur economic development, and shine a spotlight on the university system’s Innovation Park at Penn State. More...

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Is faculty career flexibility the next disruptive innovation?

eCampus NewsBy . The first stage of a faculty career should last 30 years. Then all subsequent stages could come in five-year intervals, with reevaluation at every stage in order to allow for readjustment of career goals. More...

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“Sloppy” red tape requirements costing universities millions

eCampus NewsBy . According to a new report released by college and university leadership, government red tape requirements are costing colleges and universities not only millions in administrative tasks, but depriving students of lower tuition costs and hindering university research and innovation. More...

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