01 mars 2015

Chile to offer free higher education in 2016

LogoChilean Education Minister Nicolas Eyzaguirre has said the government will start providing free higher education in 2016.
"President Michelle Bachelet has clearly said that free education will begin in 2016, and we are going to honour that promise," Eyzaguirre said Thursday.
"We are going to present to Congress sometime this year a bill to finance and regulate higher education," Xinhua quoted Eyzaguirre as saying. More...

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Price and rise of China behind decline in mobility

By William Patrick Leonard. The international market for South Korean college students has changed and is likely to continue to do so. Fewer Korean students are going abroad for tertiary education. Read more...

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Does new ranking ignore Middle East progress?

By Wagdy Sawahel. Only one Saudi university out of more than 600 Arab universities located in the 22 Arab states was included in the new ranking based on ‘international orientation’, despite having a good documented record of internationalisation performance in several studies.
Produced by independent consortium U-Multirank, the 18 February international orientation ranking is based on a range of indicators including student mobility, international academic staff, and international research cooperation as measured by the proportion of international joint publications and international doctoral degrees. Read more...

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Time off for baby need not stall a research career

By Mandy Garner. Women’s career progression in academia is a thorny subject around the world. A recent UK report shows the majority of academic staff under 25 are women, but for every age group after that the majority are men.
The annual Equality in HE: Statistical report 2014 by the Equality Challenge Unit, or ECU, found that women continued to be under-represented at senior levels in UK universities. Read more...

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India needs a GIAN-Plus strategy

By Pushkar. US President Barack Obama’s visit to India in January this year provided the occasion for the two countries to sign off on the Global Initiative of Academic Networks, or GIAN. Read more...

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What’s wrong with today’s business schools?

By Ashish Jaiswal. The Wharton School of Finance and Economy, the current Wharton School of Business, opened in 1881 as the world’s first business school. Twenty-seven years later the first MBA degrees were awarded by Harvard Business School in 1908. Read more...

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Why we need ‘free’ community colleges

By Nicholas Wyman. President Barack Obama’s plan for a major expansion in US community college funding has been greeted with both praise and criticism. If widely implemented, not only will this ambitious plan expand educational and employment opportunities across the United States, it could also become the economic cornerstone needed to build a prosperous and secure economic future for the nation. Read more...

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Scholars call on HE summit to ‘reinvigorate’ humanities

By Karen MacGregor. Academics from across Africa and the world have described the “parlous” state of the humanities and submitted recommendations for their reinvigoration to policy-makers attending the major African Higher Education Summit in Senegal from 10-12 March. Among other things the academics have called for higher quality doctoral education, the participation of scholars in national debates and an end to funding and promotion discrimination.
The “Recommendations for Reinvigorating the Humanities in Africa” were submitted by the Forum on the Humanities in Africa, of the African Humanities Programme at South Africa’s distance learning University of South Africa, UNISA. Read more...

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Climate crusader’s profitable link to Harvard exposed

By Paul Basken, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Years of using a Harvard nameplate to flog his insistence that polar bears are doing fine, and that sunspots might explain planetary warming better than the Industrial Revolution does, may finally have caught up with Wei-Hock Soon. Read more...

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‘All students should get public subsidy’ – Report

By Geoff Maslen. All post-secondary students should be entitled to a public subsidy that would enable them to undertake tertiary studies in the vocational education and training area or in higher education, says a new report. Read more...

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