01 mars 2015

College furniture: Who took my chair?

University Business LogoBy Chuck Green. Sprucing up a campus building’s interiors need not involve buying loads of new furniture.
Just ask officials at Georgetown University. The institution recently refinished and reupholstered a variety of public space furniture in Alumni Square, an apartment complex on the Washington, D.C. campus. More...

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Supporting first-gen college students

University Business LogoBy Ioanna Opidee. Thirty percent of higher ed students today are the first in their family to attend college, while 24 percent—4.5 million—are both first-generation and low-income. More...

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Creating a risk-aware campus

University Business LogoBy Paula V. Smith. The academic landscape is fraught with risk—everything from hazardous chemicals and internal fraud, to flu outbreaks and budget shortfalls. It seems obvious that any college or university would invest effort to identify and rank its current top risks, if just to assign the right level of attention and resources to each. More...

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Redefining the concept of the university branding

University Business LogoBy Kimberly R. Cline. Branding may have historically been considered too commercial an endeavor for higher ed, but this mindset has clearly evolved. It’s no longer a question of whether a college should brand itself, but of how it can create an accurate embodiment of its mission and student experience.
Branding a university is fundamentally different than branding a product. More...

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Why colleges must go mobile-first

University Business LogoBy Esther Shein. Colleges and universities miss a significant opportunity to capture the attention of their primary web audience—teens and young adults—when their websites aren’t designed to perform well on mobile devices. More...

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Waste watching in higher ed

University Business LogoBy Elizabeth Millard. For many colleges and universities, there used to be gold in garbage. Or, at least, there was some revenue to go along with the recycling stream. But two years ago, the whole landfill landscape changed. More...

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New HR technology focuses on compatibility, standardization

University Business LogoBy Carol Patton. Towers Watson, a global consulting firm in Dallas, conducted two surveys last year looking at human resources technology trends. In the first survey, 41 percent of the 1,000 responding organizations (including colleges and universities) said they will make significant changes to their HR organization, service delivery and technology within the next two years, says David de Wetter, director and senior consultant for the firm. More...

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Which college presidents published the most op-eds in 2014?

University Business LogoBy Melissa Ezarik. There were big-picture pieces on race relations, immigration, climate change, incarceration, veterans, gender issues and the proliferation of firearms.
And there were hot-button campus issues such as sexual assaults, alcohol, college access, free speech, college cost and debt, emotionally unstable students, and abuses in sports programs. More...

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Community colleges moving further into baccalaureate territory

University Business LogoBy Tim Goral. Fifteen California community colleges received initial approval in January to offer four-year degrees in a limited number of specialties as soon as next year. More...

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Should your university SnapChat?

University Business LogoBy Karine Joly. You’ve tamed Twitter, made inroads with Instagram and finessed Facebook.
Now you can take a break from keeping up with the social networking habits of college students, right?
Think again. More...

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