21 février 2015

Global demand for English higher education: Latest shifts and trends

HEFCE logoThis report examines shifts in enrolments of international students in higher education in England, and explores what might have caused them. It focuses on the entrant student population, which indicates the latest developments in student enrolments. It is one of a series of analyses by HEFCE of current data and future trends in higher education. More...

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HEFCE financial returns: Transition to the new SORP

HEFCE logoHEFCE seeks to align the financial templates it uses for annual accountability purposes to the model formats in the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) for financial reporting by further and higher education institutions. The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) uses the same approach for its annual financial data collection. More...

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Police Knowledge Fund opens for bids

HEFCE logoA £10 million fund to support closer working between higher education and the police opens for applications today.
The fund is a joint initiative between HEFCE and the College of Policing. It will support education and research collaborations between police forces and academic institutions with the aim of developing new and innovative ways of policing, and more effective responses to crime.
Read the full article on the National College of Policing web-site. More...

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ETF and Cedefop discuss VET and lifelong learning challenges

HomeA Cedefop delegation headed by Director James Calleja took part in a knowledge-sharing seminar with the European Training Foundation (ETF), Cedefop's sister agency, in Turin on 13 February. Apprenticeships, validation and the next stage for European tools were on the agenda. More...

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Cedefop celebrates Founding Regulation anniversary

HomeEuropean Union Member States and social partners have benefited from Cedefop’s work throughout its 40-year history, Director James Calleja told guests at an event (at Cedefop premises on 10 February) marking 40 years from the Founding Regulation which established the agency. More...

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Cedefop anniversary competition

HomeBe a part of Cedefop’s 40th anniversary! Have you been in vocational education and training in Europe? Has it helped you find a job? Share your story for a chance to be invited to Cedefop’s anniversary conference in June in Thessaloniki (flights and accommodation paid by Cedefop) and to feature on our website and magazine Skillset and match. More...

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Seven features of smart learning analytics - lessons learned from four years of research with learning analytics

 This contribution points out that pure analysis of data is not enough. Building on our own experiences from the field, seven crucial aspects are proposed. From our point of view, they should be considered when thinking about supporting learning and education with LA.
Assessment certification and quality assurance in open learning_From-field_40_3.pdf. More...

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An Assessment-Recognition Matrix for Analysing Institutional Practices in the Recognition of Open Learning

It describes a range of institutional initiatives by higher education institutions in Europe in recognising non-formal learning achievements in open education. Recognition of learning is almost always conferred in consideration of the type of assessment used, and so a matrix has been developed to show the relationship between these two features.
Assessment certification and quality assurance in open learning_From-field_40_1.pdf. More...

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Student’s Quality perception and learning outcomes when using an open accessible eLearning-resource

Individual cognitive load while working on the web-based module was monitored. Additionally, we focus on learning outcomes monitored in a pre- and post-test deign using questionnaire as well as digital workbooks. The completion of one exemplary task depicts the potential to foster critical thinking by using OERs. Using these different aspects permit us to evaluate the quality of the used OER from a student’s point of view.
Assessment certification and quality assurance in open learning_In-Depth_40_3.pdf. More...

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Students as evaluators of open educational resources

Startlingly absent from the literature is the thorough understanding of the views of OER student users, be they campus-based or open learners on the web. This paper presents the results of a mixed method survey of student attitudes to examine their awareness of OER and understanding of quality.
Assessment certification and quality assurance in open learning_In-Depth_40_2.pdf. More...

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