28 février 2015

Young participation in higher education: A-levels and similar qualifications

HEFCE logoThis report considers rates of young participation in higher education for Key Stage 5 pupils from English schools and colleges, based on their attainment in terms of qualifications studied at the level prior to higher education. It also examines the extent to which a pupil’s school and background affects their likelihood of progressing to higher education at the age of 18 or 19. More...

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L’AIU lance un programme unique de développement professionnel : Leading Globally Engaged Universities (LGEU)

La qualité de la gestion de l’enseignement supérieur est essentielle au bien-être des universités. Les attentes et les responsabilités des établissements d'enseignement supérieur sont en expansion, alors que le contexte local et mondial en constante évolution rend ladite gestion de plus en plus complexe. Pour soutenir les nouveaux et futurs dirigeants des établissements d'enseignement supérieur et leur proposer un espace mondial d’échange avec des pairs, l'Association internationale des Universités (AIU) a développé un nouveau programme intitulé: Leading Globally Engaged Universities (LGEU).
La première session se déroulera au sein de l’Université de Malaya (Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie), du 15 au 20 novembre 2015. Le nombre de participants étant limité, si vous souhaiter participer, veuillez faire parvenir une biographie (max. 200 mots) ainsi qu’une lettre de motivation à Mme. Trine Jensen (t.jensen(at)aiu-aiu.net) avant le 15 mai (des frais d’inscription s’appliquent).

Plus d’informations:
Leading Globally Engaged Universities (LGEU)Brochure in PDF. Voir l'article...

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6ème GMA de l'AIU: inscrivez-vous maintenant !

L'AIU est heureuse de vous inviter à vous inscrire en ligne, sur le site web dédié à sa prochaine Réunion mondiale des Associations (GMA). N'attendez plus, inscrivez-vous maintenant!
Cet événement de l'AIU, qui mettra l'accent sur L'innovation sociale: défis et perspectives pour l'enseignement supérieur, est co-organisé en coopération avec l’Organisation universitaire interaméricaine (OUI), et sera accueilli par l'Université de Montréal, à Montréal au Canada, du 6 au 8 mai 2015.
Pour vous inscrire et en savoir plus sur le programme du GMA, nous vous invitons à vous rendre sur le site web du GMA dès à présent.
Pour plus d'informations sur le GMA, veuillez contacter Élodie Boisfer, Chargée de programme. Voir l'article...

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IAU launches a unique professional development programme: Leading Globally Engaged Universities (LGEU)

The quality of higher education leadership is central to the well-being of universities. The expectations and responsibilities of higher education institutions are expanding while the local and global context is continuously changing; leadership is more complex than ever. To support new and future leaders of higher education institutions and to offer a global space for peer-to-peer learning, IAU has developed a leadership programme entitled: Leading Globally Engaged Universities (LGEU).
The first session will take place from 15-20 November and will be hosted by the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As space is limited, to apply, please send your brief bio note and letter explaining why you are interested in and motivated to take part in the programme to Trine Jensen at t.jensen@iau-aiu.net by 15 May 2015 (fees apply).
More information:
Leading Globally Engaged Universities (LGEU)Brochure in PDF. More...

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IAU GMA 6: register now!

The IAU is pleased to invite you to register now for its 6th Global Meeting of Associations (GMA 6), on the website dedicated to this upcoming event!
This GMA, which will focus on Social Innovation: Challenges and Perspectives for Higher Education, is co-organized in collaboration with the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE), and will be hosted by the Université de Montréal in Montreal, Canada from 6-8 May 2015.
To register for the event, and to learn more about the GMA programme please visit the GMA website now!
For more information, please contact Élodie Boisfer, Programme Officer. More...

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Flailing Higher Ed Bill off to two Senate inquiries

By Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office). Last week the House of Reps debate on the Higher Education and Research Reform Bill 2014 (Mark 11) stopped and started with strong speeches from the opposition senators. Liberal and National MPs sounded increasingly desperate as they tried to find any measure off credibility in their government’s plans to deregulate fees beyond avoiding government responsibility to fund public higher education, while still extending CSP subsidies to private providers. More...

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Government Seeks to Wind Back Gender Equity Reporting, despite new high in Gender Pay Gap

By Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office). Despite new figures showing that the gender pay gap has blown out to 18.8 per cent, the Federal Government is seeking to water down gender equity reporting for employers.
The latest data on average weekly earnings from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), released 25th February, shows that Australian men now earn $298.10 more than Australian women each week.
Even worse, the increase is across all 8 occupation groups collated by the ABS
Given the continued rise in gender pay gap, the proposal by the Government to reduce the reporting requirements to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Agency) for businesses with 100 or more employees is deeply concerning.
The Government's decision is the outcome of a flawed public consultation process, where a review into the Reporting requirments placed greater emphasis on calls by employer groups and the business lobby to reduce or even abandon reporting on gender equity in the workplace.
Below is NTEU's briefing memo on the proposed changes, as well as a review of the Report of the Workplace Gender Equality public consultations.
Discussion Paper : Government's proposed changes to WGEA reporting. More...

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Government Modelling Contained in Elusive Document 48

By Paul Kniest (NTEU National Office). In evidence given to Senate Education and Employment Committee Additional Senate Estimates in Canberra today (25 February 2015), Departmentof Education officials revealed that the evidence used to verify the claim in the government’s Your future is Australia’s future advertising campaign that the government would continue to cover around half of your undergraduate course fees and around half of your undergraduate course fees and a HECS loan covers the rest” was based on modeling contained in Document 48. More...

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Deregulation of university fees will saddle our children with debt and deficit

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). If the Prime Minister is serious about not wanting to “saddle our children and grandchildren with debt and deficit,” as he said at the National Press Club yesterday, then he has no option but to dump his plans to deregulate university fees, which would see many students paying $100,000 for a degree. 
“Many students will accumulate debts of $100,000 or more if the government proceeds with its plans to deregulate university fees, and many others will give up hope of ever affording a university education,” National President of NTEU, Jeannie Rea said today. More...

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Another day, another reckless claim from Christopher Pyne

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). Christopher Pyne has said that new figures from Senate Estimates have revealed the government’s higher education information campaign was extremely effective in reaching students.
Unfortunately for Christopher Pyne, the more people he’s reached, the more they have been turned off.
Exclusive polling commissioned by the NTEU shows that even less people support the government’s proposal to deregulate university fees now than did when they were first proposed. More...

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