23 février 2015

Princeton University is bequeathed $300 million rare book library, largest donation in school's history

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "nj.com logo"By Keith Brown. A Princeton University alum has bequeathed to the school his collection of 2,500 rare books worth an estimated worth of $300 million - the largest single donation in the school's history, officials said.
William H. Scheide, a 1936 graduate, died in November. He was 100 years old. The Scheide Library, housed in the university's Firestone Library and available to students since 1959, contains the 1455 Gutenberg Bible, the original printing of the Declaration of Independence, Shakespeare's first, second, third and fourth folios and an 1856 autographed speech by Abraham Lincoln, among others, according to a university release. More...

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What If a University Was Only Designed to Produce Workers?

WIREDBy . What is the goal of a university? Why do humans get college degrees? Here are some common options for why a human should go to college and earn a degree.

  • Humans should earn a degree so that they can get good grades. You might think this is a joke of a reason, but it’s not. Many people actually think this way.
  • Get a degree to get a job.
  • Get a degree to prepare you for a job (this is slightly different than the previous).
  • Go to college to learn to think – critical thinking skills.
  • Graduate from college with a degree to boost the university’s graduation rate.
  • College is all about the party and fun times. Meet some people too.

But what do I think is the reason to go to college? I pretty much agree with Chris Lee in this very insightful post about higher education. We like to say that the structure of courses in a university degree program are designed to promote critical thinking, but this isn’t always true. More...

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Growing efforts to help college students in country illegally

The Denver PostBy Yesenia Robles. Almost two years after Colorado passed a law allowing some college students in the country illegally to get in-state tuition, support to help those students navigate financial aid continues to grow. When Senate Bill 33, also known as the ASSET bill, was signed into law, Colorado students meeting certain requirements became eligible for in-state tuition, cheaper than the out-of-state tuition they were required to pay at most schools. More...

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We should change the way U.S. students pay for school

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "usatoday"By . When about 40 students in Sydney, Australia — trying to keep their higher education system from becoming like that in the United States — entered a building where Education Minister Christopher Pyne was this week, police responded with pepper spray. More...

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Vista Higher Learning launches online spanish language program

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. Vista Higher Learning, the leading higher education publisher focused exclusively on language instruction, today announced the release of Portales, an interactive online program for teaching and learning Spanish at the college level. Created by Vista’s team of language education experts, Portales provides educators with a variety of resources to meet the unique needs of online learners. More...

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Higher ed can prevent fraud with financial aid software feature

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. CampusLogic, creator of one-of-a-kind financial aid software solutions, added an IP-reporting feature that enables schools to combat student aid fraud. Student aid fraud is said to cost taxpayers $1 billion or more a year, and until now, there has been no way for institutions to prevent this costly cybercrime. More...

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Malloy Proposes Significant Cuts For Higher Education, Flat Funding for Local School Districts

By . He's often said that education is a top priority, but now some advocates are saying that the swipes Gov. Dannel P. Malloy made at higher education funding and the continued flat funding for schools districts could be a serious setback. More...

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Is the college credit hour obsolete? Perhaps, but no good alternative exists, report says

http://media.cleveland.com/static/cleve/static/img/logo_v001.pngBy Karen Farkas. Is the college credit hour obsolete?
Perhaps, but colleges lack a suitable replacement, according to a report following a two-year study by a committee formed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.
For more than 100 years, college students have received credits for successfully completing courses. But today, the credit hour may not be an adequate measure of learning, the report says. More...

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Debt of Ohio public universities tops $6.5B

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "daytondailynews"By Chelsey Levingston and Amanda Seitz. College graduates aren’t the only ones finding themselves deep in debt.
Ohio’s 14 public universities have more than doubled the debt they owe in recent years to an unprecedented $6.5 billion.
Nearly all of the money college officials have borrowed is a result of building booms on Ohio’s campuses. More...

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Parsing Obama’s college ranking system

University Business LogoBy Thomas J. Botzman. The U.S. Department of Education has been working to establish the Postsecondary Institution Rating System (PIRS) since President Obama announced it in August 2013. The proposed system is planned to provide consumers of higher education with objective data and information that helps students make educated decisions between different institutions. More...

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