14 février 2015

Dreading Valentine's? Here's a rigorously academic, research-backed guide to love

The Guardian homeBy . Whether you find yourself alone this Valentine’s Day, or you just need some top tips on pleasing your partner, our guide to love is sure to help. So put down your pen, back away from the UCLA Loneliness Scale, and read on. Read more...

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University staff scared to disclose mental health problems

The Guardian homeBy . A survey finds that students and staff are not seeking help for fear of being treated differently. University staff and students with mental health difficulties are not seeking help for fear of receiving unfair treatment, according to a survey by a higher education charity. Read more...

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Selling kids dreams of the Ivy League means reinforcing elites' racism

The Guardian homeBy . I was always taught that getting admitted to an Ivy is the ultimate goal. But we shouldn’t teach smart kids of color that they have to leave home to be successful. For most American families, sending a child to an Ivy League school is a pipe dream. Even if you’re lucky enough to win that kind of genetic and situational lottery, these institutions have a long history of racial homogeny. As a person of color, it’s not enough just to be admitted. Read more...

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Russian trio has £535m luxury student housing in London in their sights

The Guardian homeBy . Three Russian billionaires are expected to hand over £535m for a string of luxury student housing blocks in London where the well-heeled offspring of the wealthy pay as much as £2,200 a month for a room. Read more...

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350 years of publishing from the world's oldest science journal– in pictures

The Guardian homeBy . The world’s oldest scientific journal, Philosophical Transactions, has entered its 350th year. To mark the occasion, the Royal Society has opened its archives to showcase some of its most ground-breaking papers. The exhibition gives an insider’s glimpse at the editorial procedures involved in science publishing over the years – from the extra scrutiny female scientists received to reviewers’ horror at Darwin’s excessive wordiness. Read more...

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Why Loughborough students get the worst deal when it comes to rent

The Guardian homeBy . A new survey has found UK landlords are charging university students up to 36% more than locals.
Traditionally, their university is the sportiest in the UK, but students at Loughborough may not be too happy about coming top of a new league table. According to website StuRents, university-goers in the East Midlands town are paying 36% more a week for their accommodation than other residents living in the same areas – the biggest premium charged by landlords in the country. While those who (in theory) spend their days at lectures are charged £80.21 a week for a room, their non-university-going counterparts are typically paying just £58.94 each. Read more...

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How to supercharge your CV – before you even leave school

The Guardian homeBy . Work experience, soft skills and extra-curricular activities are a must for career-focused sixth-formers. In a competitive jobs market, sixth formers need to gain skills that will help them stand out. Read more...

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Researchers: it's time to ditch the PDF

The Guardian homeBy Ijad Madisch. The PDF makes reading science research even more difficult and prevents a two-way conversation from taking place. The PDF is the digital equivalent to the desk drawer – a place where scientific results are hard to find and easily forgotten. And yet the PDF is still the default way for scholarly publishers to disseminate research on the web. Read more...

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Pippa Middleton’s backside – the Marxist interpretation

The Guardian homeBy . Further studies of the fetishisation of Pippa Middleton’s rear compare Freudian and Marxist views.
The scholarly community, a portion of it anyway, is diving ever-deeper in the analysis of the rear end of the sister of the wife of the man whose father’s mother sits on the throne of the United Kingdom. Read more...

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University of Sydney to cut carbon footprint of its investments by 20%

The Guardian homeBy . University to phase out carbon emissions from all the companies in its $413m portfolio, but says it is not exclusively divesting from fossil fuel companies. Read more...

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