08 février 2015

High unemployment rate spurred by explosion of universities

Dozens of junior colleges (3-year training) have been upgraded into universities (4-5-year training), but the training quality has not matched the expansion.
A Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) report showed that Vietnam had 433 universities and junior colleges by June 2014, including 347 state-owned schools and 86 non-state owned.
According to Dr. Bui Anh Tuan from the ministry, 133 universities and junior colleges were upgraded from junior colleges and intermediate schools (two-year training), respectively, in 2007-2013. Of these, 59 schools were upgraded to junior colleges, and 49 to universities. More...

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Scots university plans fees refund for UK, overseas students who fail

Herald ScotlandBy Andrew Denholm. Fee-paying students at a Scottish university will be the first to have their costs waived if they fail to graduate under radical proposals.
The university says it has broken ranks with other institutions to ensure it remains attractive in an increasingly competitive global market. More...

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Italian pushes ahead with Islamic university plan

The Italian businessman behind plans to create Italy's first Islamic university told The Local he is pushing ahead with the project despite authorities in Lecce rejecting a request for a building permit, a decision that was partly due to the current negative focus on Islam and opposition from residents. More...

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Opening the door to internationalisation

University World News Global EditionBy Sonja Knutson and Valentyna Kushnarenko. The internationalisation of higher education in Ukraine continues to be vulnerable to the tensions of the region's geopolitics. Since Spring 2014, serious hostilities have arisen with Russia over eastern Ukraine.
Despite the distraction of war, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko last July signed a ‘Law on Higher Education’, significant because it is the first such law developed through consultation with the Ukrainian public. More...

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Opening up recruitment for researchers in Europe

University World News Global EditionBy Diana Jane Beech. Anybody trying to make a career in research will be only too aware of the long-term obstacles that lie ahead of them. Continual assessment and subjection to scrutiny have become prerequisites for sustaining any research career, be it through mandatory research assessment exercises or necessary applications for new grants and sources of funding. More...

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High satisfaction levels for low quality education

University World News Global EditionBy Igor Chirikov. Russia has seen a tremendous growth in student enrolments since the 1990s. More than 70% of people aged 17-22 enter higher education, which has basically become a social imperative for the majority of young people.
By 2010 Russia had become the second largest higher education system in the world in terms of the number of students per 100,000 population. More...

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Rector’s outstanding performance at Lund University

University World News Global EditionBy Jan Petter Myklebust. A mantra at university conferences and in policy documents, and at the heart of university reforms over the last decade in the Nordic countries, is the belief that university leadership is the most crucial factor for success. More...

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Minister prepares to address ‘human crisis’

University World News Global EditionBy Makki Marseilles. While new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his economy ministry’s staff are scouring the European capitals in search of support for an alternative policy to Greece’s austerity programme, top bureaucrats at the education ministry are poring over plans to deal with immediate problems before releasing their long-term targets. More...

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First-year students’ emotional health hits new low

University World News Global EditionBy Dan Berrett and Eric Hoover, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Confident in their academic ability but less so in their interpersonal skills, this year’s freshmen believe the main benefit of a college education is to increase their earning power. More than ever they aspire to be well off – and also to help others – while their emotional health has hit a new low. More...

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Open University chief heads Down Under

University World News Global EditionBy Geoff Maslen. Martin Bean is a rarity among vice-chancellors in the English-speaking world: he does not hold a masters or a PhD, only a bachelor degree, in education, from the long ago past. More...

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