Inventaire des certifications et habilitations le cadre de la mise en place de l’inventaire, le COPANEF publie un courrier et ses trois annexes à l’attention des CPNE.(source FPSPP)
    Lettre aux CPNE concernant l’Inventaire
    Grille provisoire attendue de la CNCP pour l’enregistrement à l’Inventaire des certifications et habilitations
    Inventaire des certifications et habilitations
    Arrêté du 31 décembre 2014 fixant les modalités de recensement à l’Inventaire des certifications et des habilitations
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Commemorating the attacks in France

As part of featuring January’s most relevant events, it is impossible to ignore the murders of 17 people in France earlier this month. The attacks have mobilized citizens and institutions worldwide, polarising public opinion, stirring editors, media and even academics. Reactions included a widespread commemoration of the victims calling for freedom of expression and warning against dangerous generalisations, as well as against the political consequences that such an event can have in fostering xenophobia and islamophobia. 
Believing that it is possible to mourn the human loss and to express solidarity with the country that has suffered such a loss without embracing any of the xenophobic and islamophobic attitudes, ACA joins the voices sharing deep grief for the Charlie Hebdo satirists, police officers and customers of the supermarket, as well as for the whole of France. In the same way, the dramatic events offer a chance to restate the support for the value of freedom, as well as with those of fraternity and equality - that nurtured the French Revolution in 1789. The same principles have made possible the enormous progress in Europe and worldwide towards international mobility, science, innovation and the cultivation of critical thought in universities and research institutes. 
While it is understood that not everybody can agree on the same values, faiths, ideas, we believe that the diversity of thought, together with exchange and dialogue, is a source of enrichment for peoples and cultures. Therefore - without necessarily endorsing the opinions published by the Charlie Hebdo magazine - we share our feeling of sympathy with all of those peacefully expressing their critical thought. At the same time, we find it important to warn against the simplistic interpretations that could lead to a reductionist narrative contrasting the ‘western’ values against the rest, and in particular against the Muslim population – that should not be simplistically confused with terrorist groups.  It is important to reject any kind of fundamentalism – both the Islamic and the anti-Islamic one - and not to present them as a mutual zero-sum game.
What happened unluckily cannot be confined to some bloody episodes of the past, but will have consequences on our lives in the future. Primarily, in the security measures adopted as an answer to terrorism. While it is welcome to be attentive in guaranteeing citizens as safe an environment as possible, we hope that our institutions will not at the same time limit the freedoms and the movement of individuals, otherwise it would mean violating the same liberties that we claim to protect. More...

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New Presidency, same priorities

For the first time since the country’s accession to the EU in 2004, on 1st January 2015 Latvia took the Presidency of the Council of the EU. The policy priorities for the Latvian six-month mandate are the same of the Trio Presidency overarching programme, agreed with predecessor Italy and successor Luxembourg, namely: “Competitive Europe, Digital Europe and Engaged Europe”. More...

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A new page for American higher education?

“Tonight we turn the page”, said Barack Obama during his annual speech on the State of the Union, delivered on 20 January. The announced White House policy agenda for 2015 marked indeed a shift in tone for higher education policy, including brand new proposals in the direction of a stronger federal role. However, other higher education reforms - such as the college ratings system (see ACA Newsletter Education Europe, Edition January 2015) were unmentioned in Obama’s speech. More...

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swissuniversities: a joint university-political body

The Federal Act on the Funding and Coordination of the Higher Education Sector (Higher Education Funding and Coordination, HEdA) has come into force on the 1st of January 2015. This act provides the basis for swissuniversities, the new Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities.
swissuniversities was jointly founded in autumn 2012 by the academic universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education in Switzerland, paving the way for the merger of the rectors' conferences CRUS, KFH and COHEP. More...

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Internationalization ambitions of Polish universities

In 2005 there were no more than 8 000 international students in Poland. Presently, after a decade, this number is over 40 000. The ambition of Polish universities is to have 100 000 international by 2020. Over 240 rectors, vice rectors and international officers representing 80 universities and 25 organizations supporting higher education came to the annual conference Foreign Students in Poland 2015 organized by Perspektywy Education Foundation and Rectors’ Conference (CRASP) and hosted by the Marie Curie-Sklodowski University in Lublin 22-23 January 2015. More...

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FAIR: A Focus on Institutional Automatic Recognition

A new project coordinated by EP Nuffic - on request of the Dutch Ministry of Higher Education - will work together with the ENIC-NARICs network, Ministries of Education and 23 other educational institutions from Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain in order to gain experience at national and European level with the implementation of automatic recognition and recommendations. The project, callled ‘Focus on Institutional Automatic Recognition’ (FAIR), was awarded at the end of 2014 with a co-founding of the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus + Key Activity 3 (Policy Experimentation ). Building on the previous work of the Pathfinder Group on Automatic Recognition, the new project team will attempt to determine the impact of automatic recognition by undertaking two assessments of recognition procedures based on predefined indicators – before and after having introduced elements of automatic recognition. More...

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APPEAR: Programme prolonged until December 2020

The OeAD-GmbH has successfully participated in a Europe wide tender process and will continue to be responsible for the professional and effective implementation of the APPEAR programme. Appear has been conceived, guided and financed by the Austrian Development Agency, the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) to implement a new strategy ‘Higher Education and Scientific Cooperation’ in support of Higher Education and Research for Development on an academic institutional level in the priority regions of the ADC. More...

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Reorganisation of the DAAD

In line with its 2020 strategy set-up in 2013, the DAAD has restructured its internal organisation. The changes came into effect on 1 January 2015. With the new structure, the DAAD will be in a better position to carry out its two core tasks more professionally and efficiently: first, providing scholarships to the best students, graduates, doctoral candidates and researchers, and second, promoting higher education partnerships and infrastructural programmes. More...

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