01 février 2015

US ratings will ‘bypass distorted priorities’ of rankings

By Mary Beth Marklein. A top US Department of Education official has urged higher education leaders to work with the Obama administration as it moves closer to launching a system that would rate their institutions on whether they provide good value. Read more...

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Bologna Process is ‘making an impact worldwide’ – CIQG

By Mary Beth Marklein. The Bologna Process has made a difference not only within its 47 member countries but also far beyond Europe’s borders, international higher education consultants said on 29 January at a conference on quality assurance in higher education in Washington. Read more...

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UNESCO chief plots pact on global recognition of degrees

By Mary Beth Marklein. “The world is moving toward a far more global higher education community, hence the need to build a more equitable and more transparent higher education sector worldwide,” said Paulina González-Pose, chief of UNESCO’s higher education section. If approved, the plan would promote deeper levels of collaboration and provide a frame for sharing good practices. Read more...

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Changing world ‘needs new kind of quality assurance’

By Mary Beth Marklein. “Same Same But Different,” a phrase rooted in Asian culture, became the informal mantra for attendees of the CHEA International Quality Group’s annual meeting last week in Washington, DC, reflecting both the growing importance of higher education across all regions of the world and the rapidly evolving sense of what a good college experience actually looks like. Read more...

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Going Global 2015: Internationalisation of HE a key driver in Southeast Asia

The drive for economic harmonisation and development in Southeast Asia and its impact on internationalisation in universities will be one of the key trends discussed at this year’s Going Global conference in London.
This year will see the establishment of a common market across the ten countries which make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN, based on four pillars including the free flow of goods, services, investment and skilled labour. Read more...

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Challenges for UK researchers of Latin America

The Report on the state of UK-based research on Latin America and the Caribbean, says that aspects of Latin America are now studied at postgraduate and undergraduate level in a vastly increased range of departments, centres and institutions than was the case in the 1960s. Read more...

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University financing crisis as student loans shrink

By Gilbert Nganga. For Dennis Mwangi, the excitement of being a freshman quickly dissipated after he arrived at the University of Nairobi last month. The orphaned top performer from a sleepy village in central Kenya had to go without money due to delays in the disbursement of student loans – and when the money finally hit his account, it was much lower than applied for or expected. Read more...

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One in two IT staff excluded from transnational education

Almost half of IT staff in British higher education are not involved in the delivery of transnational education programmes overseas by their own institutions, despite technology being integral to universities delivering teaching and qualifications to students in other countries, says a new report. Read more...

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Universities warned against adopting taught doctorates

By Jan Petter Myklebust. The declaration set out nine points, which describe the aims of doctoral training as being to qualify for research careers in science, academia, the economy and society in general “by original research and documented by a dissertation”.
It states that doctoral training should not be seen as an additional study cycle, that courses in transferable skills should be selected by doctoral candidates on their own and that the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, or ECTS, was not required. Read more...

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Elite graduate school to put English in entry exams

By Barbara Casassus. The often-maligned French graduate school for top civil servants, the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, or ENA, is on track to introduce English into the competitive entrance exam in 2018, director Nathalie Loiseau said last Wednesday. Read more...

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