01 février 2015

Online courses: Are we learning yet?

eCampus NewsThe benefits of online learning are undeniable. Barriers inherent in traditional learning such as time, space, location, and access are eliminated with asynchronous internet courses. But all that glitters is not gold. More...

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Unpacking the claims about MOOCs

eCampus NewsClaims about increasing access to higher education are at the heart of arguments for MOOCs, and rightly so; expanded access and greater equity in educational opportunity must be at the heart of any discussion about the future of higher education. More...

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Top 6 higher-ed digital policy issues in 2015

eCampus NewsBy . As technology continues to change, policy issues slowly come into play to govern them. This year, education technology policy watchers see at least six major policy issues that university administrators should keep an eye on in 2015. More...

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Op-ed: What comes first: The mission or the technology?

eCampus NewsBy . Sound familiar? If not, it should. With the current pace of technology, if your technology strategy does not wholly mesh with your institutional strategy and mission, now is the time to proactively put on the brakes and map that out before continuing down any path. More...

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Is this the online learning model of the future?

eCampus NewsBy . In 2013, over 7.1 million college students enrolled in an online course, contributing to the steady 260 percent increase in online enrollment over the last decade. As current and future student populations—made up of Millennials and Gen Zs, a generation collectively now referred to as Generation C—become even more digitally reliant, we’ll see more students flock in record breaking numbers to flexible learning environments. More...

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Will big data jobs go unfilled?

eCampus NewsBy . Data experts convene to create profile of the “big data specialist” position, which is predicted to be in high demand if data skills remain untaught. More...

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New network aims to give science education a makeover

eCampus NewsBy . More than 24 universities, colleges launch network to improve outcomes in science courses with traditionally high failure rates. More...

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University president slashes his own pay to help others

By Lauren Lee-Johnson. The story of his selfless act went viral, but for Raymond Burse it was simply second nature.
"I'm not extraordinary," said Burse. "I've assumed that people do those kinds of things all the time."
In summer 2014, Burse, who is president of Kentucky State University, gave up $90,000 of his almost $350,000 salary so that 24 of the university's lowest paid workers could earn $10.25 an hour. The move gave them a 40% pay increase. More...

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Why US colleges should welcome undocumented immigrants

By Sonali Kohli. As an undocumented immigrant who moved to California from Mexico as a child, Bianca Rodriguez expected that navigating college would be a challenge, both financially and emotionally. So it was the presence of the Undocumented Student Program that drew Rodriguez to the University of California, Berkeley, where she is now a sophomore. More...

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Students test concept of elite, lower-cost, no-campus college

A typical day for college freshman Yoel Ferdman might include a class held at a local coffee shop, an afternoon trip to the opera and an ethnic dinner cooked with fellow students.
Ferdman, 17, is a member of the founding class at Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute. It’s a four-year, accredited undergraduate degree program aimed at teaching students critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. More...

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