IremamBooks and Written culture of the Islamic world. Studies to Claude Gilliot on the occasion of his 75th birthday, edited by Andrew Rippin and Roberto Tottoli, Leiden, Brill, Coll. Middle East and Islamic Studies, 2015, 396 p.
En savoir plus sur Claude Gilliot, Professeur émérite AMU/Iremam.

An international group of twenty-one friends and colleagues join together to explore authors, genres and traditions of the Muslim world reflecting and honoring the contribution of Claude Gilliot to Islamic studies.
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Professori emerito Claudio Gilliot latina dedicatio / Francesco Zappa
Claude Gilliot, A Biographical Sketch / Roberto Tottoli and Andrew Rippin
Criteria for Authenticity of Prophecy in ’Abd al-Masih al-Kindi’s Risala / Emilio Giuseppe Platti
Muhammad b. Ishaq Sahib al-Maghazi : Was His Grandfather Jewish ? / Michael Lecker
Les Ma’ani al-Qur’an d’al-Farra’ ou la theologie temperee par la philologie / Pierre Larcher
Al-Mubarrad (d. 285/898) and Polysemy in the Qur’an / Andrew Rippin
Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi, l’arabe et le Bedouin / Abdallah Cheikh-Moussa
The hashiya of Ibn al-Munayyir (d. 683/1284) on al-Kashshaf of al-Zamakhshari / Walid A. Saleh
New Light on the Translation of the Qur’an of Ludovico Marracci from His Manuscripts Recently Discovered at the Order of the Mother of God in Rome / Roberto Tottoli
Le contre-discours coranique et la construction d’une figure de l’opposant / Mehdi Azaiez
Presentation coranique des messages prophetiques anciens : l’attitude de kufr denoncee / Anne-Sylvie Boisliveau
Locating the Qur’an in the Epistemic Space of Late Antiquity / Angelika Neuwirth
Wirkende Worte : Das Hadith und die Metaphysik / Tilman Nagel
Gedanken zur Charakteristik der arabischen gnomischen Poesie der fruhen Abbasidenzeit / Reinhard Weipert
Ecrire le secret sans le reveler : Remarques sur le vocabulaire technique de la poesie mystique persane / Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi
Ibn Abi l-I ?ba ? al-Misri et son traite sur le debut des sourates / Denis Gril- Lisan ’arabiyy mubin
"klares Arabisch" ? : oder : "offenbar Arabisch", gar "geoffenbartes Arabisch" ? / Manfred Kropp
More Light on Muhammad’s Pre-existence : Qur’anic and post-Qur’anic Perspectives / Uri Rubin
La presentation du Prophete au Temple / J.M.F. Van Reeth
Connecting Moses and Muhammad/ Jane Dammen McAuliffe
Moise et le rocher de la querelle / Jean-Louis Declais
Abraham, Hagar and Ishmael at Mecca : A Contribution to the Problem of Dating Muslim Traditions / Harald Motzki

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