26 janvier 2015

Social media survey: 1/4 of unis disappoint

By  Beckie Smith. Over a quarter of universities contacted in a ‘mystery shopper’ social media survey failed to respond to enquiries from a prospective student, with particularly dismal performances from US and Canadian universities. More...

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What will the future of education look like?

By Max Nikias. One of the most hotly discussed topics in higher education is the role and future of online education. For the traditional university, does the emergence of online education represent a threat or an opportunity?
Like any new technology, the prospects for online education depend on where it can add value or, better yet, create it. More...

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Private Universities Thriving as Public Ones Weaken

By Rasha Faek, . A single year at a private university in Lebanon can cost up to $14,000. In Saudi Arabia, that figure can climb to $25,000.
In Qatar, it can more than triple.
But cost isn’t stopping a rising number of students from heading to private universities, where they can find flexible admission criteria, smaller classes and fields of study not available to them in public education. More...

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Are Private Universities Worth the Money?

By Rasha Faek, . Tens of thousands of dollars in tuition doesn’t guarantee a job or even a good education for a student who decides to go to a private university in an Arab country.
Quality among institutions varies widely, and not always in proportion to the cost, experts on regional higher education say. Some families walk away a great deal poorer and unhappy with the education their sons and daughters have gotten. But those students who attend an institution with strong teaching and good career counseling say they are satisfied. More...

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Full-time college enrollment may not work for all

eCampus NewsFindings from an effort to benchmark the persistence patterns of non-first-time (NFT) college students indicate that NFT students are less likely to drop out and more likely to complete an associate degree if they combine full-time and part-time enrollment. The findings could renew discussions about the efficacy of mandatory “15 credit per semester” policies at 2-year programs. More...

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New platform delivers live classes via mobile devices

eCampus NewsOnline education company WizIQ introduced the WizIQ Live Mobile Learning Platform, which the company says is the first platform to let educators to deliver live, interactive classes via smartphones. More...

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Is Obama’s plan the best use of money?

eCampus NewsIf the U.S. government had unlimited funds, it could provide free tuition for community college and no one would complain. For that matter, the nation could put all interested and qualified students through four years of college and beyond. But right here, right now, there are limits to the good the U.S. can accomplish with available public dollars–and that means careful, difficult choices have to be made. More...

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5 ways to increase college affordability

eCampus NewsA New Jersey college has issued a report that recommends a number of changes to make college more affordable and easier to complete. The report also identifies ways to give students the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. More...

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Data shows widening gap in higher-ed technology adoption

eCampus NewsResearch from higher education technology association EDUCAUSE shows that in 2015, colleges and universities will need to evolve to address very real challenges of IT security, cost, and productivity, as well as providing user support for the “new normal” that covers mobile, cloud, online education, and BYOD environments. More...

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Why colleges must move beyond BYOD

eCampus NewsBy . “We are transitioning from BYOD to bring-your-own-application (BYOA)—it’s really about the application,” said Chris LaPoint, vice president of product management at SolarWinds, a Texas-based company that develops IT management software. “The applications that run on those devices are potentially more important than the fact that these devices are showing up on the network. That’s the landscape of the problem.” More...

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