25 janvier 2015

Standardized Online Classes Would Lead Toward Increased Efficency in Higher Education

By CCAP. Colleges and universities are offering more and more online classes to their students. Textbook companies like Pearson PLC are beginning to standardize these classes by designing online courses and selling them to different universities. More...

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The MOOC model attracting big money from investors

By Sonali Kohli. Reports of the death of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) may have been greatly exaggerated, but predictions of a pivot toward MOOCs that are more vocational in nature (as opposed to a pathway to a liberal arts degree) appear to have been right on target. More...

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Free college for the rich

USATODAYBy Duncan Black. The best thing about the Obama administration proposal to provide free community college is the universality of the proposal. For too long, even liberal proposals for government programs intended to disproportionately help lower income individuals have been saddled with various income requirements, adding uncertainty and complexity to both qualifying for and administering these programs. More...

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Doing Better: NC has become a laboratory for higher education reforms

By Christopher Gergen and Stephen Martin. On the surface, at least, it's back to business as usual for colleges and universities across North Carolina as the spring semester gets underway.
At some of our state's institutions, however, the New Year promises to be anything but typical - a testing ground for bold reforms that could help re-shape the face of higher education nationally. More...

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2015/01/17/4478536_doing-better-nc-has-become-a-laboratory.html?sp=/99/104/&rh=1#storylink=cpy

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Wow, College Applicants Can Now Find Out What Admissions Committees Wrote About Them

By Troy Onink. In a stunning development in the mysterious world of college admissions, students at Stanford University were able to follow a “tried and tested” five-step process published by Fountain Hopper, an anonymous student-run website at Stanford, to legally obtain their college admissions records. Fountain Hopper’s simple five-step process (they even have a a pre-populated template to submit your request) is based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which mandates that schools must provide students access to their educational records. More...

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Obama outlines higher education initiatives in State of the Union address

By Peter Hancock. President Barack Obama called for increased public investment in higher education during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, laying out themes he is expected to elaborate on Thursday when he visits Kansas University.
Among other things, he called for offering two free years of community college for qualifying students; expanding tax credits for college tuition; and reducing monthly payments on existing student loan debt. More...

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Are We Prepared for President Obama's Free Community Colleges?

By . As The Washington Post suggested in a subsequent editorial, "investing in education is a smart long-term strategy" when addressing income inequality and American competitiveness. The Post proposes means testing community college assistance to prevent the program from becoming a "new middle class entitlement" and adopting strategies like increasing Pell Grants that could be used for undergraduate students at four-year institutions as well. More...

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New Year's Resolutions for Higher Education

By . With the hope that Santa rewarded America's colleges and universities for being exceptionally good prior to the 2014 holiday season (such gifts to include a healthy applicant pool, vigorous end-of-calendar-year giving by alumni and friends, stable retention of current students for the spring term), it's time for a few new year's resolutions. More...

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Helping the Poor in Education: The Power of a Simple Nudge

New York TimesBy . There are enormous inequalities in education in the United States. A child born into a poor family has only a 9 percent chance of getting a college degree, but the odds are 54 percent for a child in a high-income family. These gaps open early, with poor children less prepared than their kindergarten classmatesRead more...

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The Least Economically Diverse Top College, Seeking to Change

New York TimesBy David Leonhardt. The leaders of Washington University in St. Louis have decided that it has a distinction they no longer want: the nation’s least economically diverse top collegeRead more...

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