19 janvier 2015

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Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. The Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology (CREET), department of The Open University based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom has just sent out details for PhD Studentships in Applied Linguistics, Childhood Studies, Education (including International Education), Languages, Technology Enhanced Learning and Literacies.
As I got a full-time studentship at The Open University, I can assure you that these PhD studentships are worth looking at if you consider to enhance your career. Especially as The Open University is one of the UK’s leading Research Institutions. In the 2014 REF 72% of its research was rated as “world leading” or “internationally excellent”. Read more...

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#Googleglass out, other smart tech in? Where is #educational bonus?

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. The wearable technologies are booming business, but a lot of it is still very expensive. And with Google just releasing today that Google glasses will be reinvented, if not stopped, it got me thinking about cost and educational options. Just think about all the developers that bought the Google glasses (1500$) and now get the news that the project is being reinvented. Or about those schools that purchased one set allowing students to research its functionality?
Certainly when looking at smart glasses, there is a lot of expensive material (coming) out. As multiple options are being launched (or are on the verge of being launched) I do wonder what to go for, budget wise. Read more...

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Blogphilosophy: #education needs to shift, creating meaningful #identities

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. This post builds upon the idea that education must be rethought, but not in terms of the disrupted higher education (higher ed under pressure with online learning – MOOCs etc, global educational market stressing smaller universities and colleges), but in terms of reshaping all of our identities and self-esteems for each one of us. This post is a synopsis of an upcoming position paper on the subject (paper is more elaborate).
Future and current education should provide a valued identity – person-centered, social-centered. Read more...

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Obama introduces free community college plan in the US

Last week, 9th of January, Obama introduced his new plan for free community college during his visit to Tennessee. Obama reportedly commented on this: “For millions of Americans, community colleges are essential pathways to the middle class. I want to make it free.”
A video preview to the initiative was posted earlier on the White House Facebook page. More...

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UK HE enrolments: 3% growth eclipsed by fall in Indian numbers

By Katie Duncan. Enrolment statistics from 2013/2014 for UK higher education institutions reveal little ground has been gained on the back of last year’s startling stagnation. Sector leaders have urged for a more unified approach to jumpstart the flow of international students back to the country. More...

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Employability edge should be advocated better

By Sara Custer. The unique skills gained through study abroad aren’t being promoted enough to employers or advocated well enough by students, delegates at the Regent’s University London International Partners Conference heard. Nevertheless, a panel comprising mainly of students who had enjoyed various overseas placements all agreed it was the best part of their degree programme in terms of honing employable skills. More...

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Seven trends to watch out for in 2015 in international education

By Sara Custer. For many in the international education industry, January isn’t the beginning of a new year but the continuation of the previous, especially for those working to academic cycles. It follows suit that some seeds for business and collaboration in 2015 were sown last year, although developments in the sector will also be dictated by the unpredictable global marketplace. More...

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New report evaluates digital courseware’s impact on student learning

eCampus NewsA new report assesses five years of technology investments in digital courseware by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Postsecondary Success initiative in order to understand what is required for digital courseware to produce positive student learning outcomes at scale. More...

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University’s digital badges to certify “discrete” skills

eCampus NewsBrandman University, a private nonprofit institution, has teamed up with Credly, provider of platforms for managing lifelong credentials, in an effort to enable learners to attain, manage, and share portable digital badges and credentials earned through Brandman’s online competency-based degree programs. More...

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4 ways a GoPro can boost your campus profile

eCampus NewsBy . 3D printers, digital signage, educational video games—there’s just some technology that, while not vital to day-to-day campus operation, helps boost student engagement and communication, and ultimately makes your campus stand out from the competition. More...

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