18 janvier 2015

Mobile apps put higher ed at students' fingertips

MOORHEAD – If Jeremy Johnson attended Minnesota State University Moorhead today instead of 15 years ago, he “absolutely” would want to download a mobile application the school is developing. More...

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Where Obama's Community-College Plan Falls Short

By . Tuition is only part of the problem at two-year institutions.
Late last week, President Obama announced a sweeping community-college tuition plan that drew on the usual superlatives. The plan has already been described as a "moon shot" that could universalize the first two years of college and denounced as yet another part of the president's latent socialist agenda. Others have labeled it an unfunded pipe dream.

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Private Colleges and the White Middle Class

By . In a recent blog in the Washington Post, Max Ehrenfreund suggests that private colleges are a waste of money for white, middle class kids. He asks: "Is it worth unloading your life's savings or having your child take on tens of thousands of dollars in student loans?" More...

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Tuition on the rise at Texas universities

The Houston ChronicleBy Benjamin Wermund. Students attending Texas public colleges now are paying a much higher price for their education than they would have a decade ago.
Tuition at universities in Texas has skyrocketed, and many blame a 2003 decision by the state Legislature to give schools free rein over what they charge for running up the costs. Before then, the state was able to regulate tuition, and though lawmakers allowed tuition to rise sharply and steadily in the decade leading up to deregulation, the cost of college has grown at a faster clip since. More...

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The Web Poet's Society

By . Can an online course revive interest in the classics?
It’s 3 a.m. and the emails are coming in fast and furious. My iPhone is pinging like a Vegas slot machine that’s come up all cherries. What’s the emergency? I had just joined a discussion thread for a popular online poetry class—ModPo—and Emily Dickinson’s "Volcanoes Be in Sicily" is the subject of hot debate. Within 24 hours, there are over a hundred posts about this poem alone: "Why the archaic use of 'be'?" "What of the perplexing 'lava steps'?" One participant lapses into German and has started a discussion group in Switzerland. More...

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ND legislators offer bill on university disciplinary hearing process

GRAND FORKS - North Dakota legislators introduced a bill Thursday that would grant university students and student organizations the right to be represented by an attorney during university disciplinary proceedings. More...

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'Nontraditional' But Increasingly Common Barriers to Higher Education

By . At the heart of this country's vast income inequality -- an issue which has at last been gaining the urgent attention it deserves -- is a growing educational divide. A college degree is the ticket to employment and better quality of life, yet it is more than ever unattainable for those who need it most: the growing number of low-income, first-generation college-going, adult, and immigrant populations; college students who until recently were referred to as "nontraditional". More...

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Should Parental Connections Provide A Leg Up In College Admissions?

NPRBy Sean Braswell. Imagine a democracy where the children of former public officials had a leg up for winning an elected office themselves — a 10,000-vote head start, perhaps, or a seat on the county council reserved especially for them.
Most Americans rightly would scoff at a system that so brazenly allocated rewards based on who your parents are. And yet most American colleges and universities do just that. More...

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New mascot statue will cost Montclair State $210K

By Jessica Mazzola. The second-largest public college in the state is facing some criticism from students and graduates after agreeing to spend more than $200,000 on a 12-foot bronze statue of its mascot.
According to school officials, trustees at Montclair State University approved the purchase of a large sculpture of a Red Hawk at their October meeting. More...

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La première phase de la procédure Admission Post-Bac pour la session 2015 commencera le mardi 20 janvier

Par Fériel Boudjelal. Admission Post-Bac est le rendez-vous incontournable pour les élèves de terminale souhaitant s’inscrire dans l’enseignement supérieur. Cette plateforme a été mise en place en 2009 pour simplifier les démarches de pré-inscription en regroupant sur un seul site près de 11.200 formations publiques et privées. Toutefois, quelques établissements sont exclus du système APB. C’est par exemple le cas de certaines écoles d’ingénieurs, du social, de commerce ou des instituts d’études politiques. Voir l'article...

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