11 janvier 2015

What Students in China Have Taught Me About U.S. College Admissions

By . The policies of American universities often encourage extreme test-preparation strategies and distort the high school experience of many Chinese applicants.
I talk to more Chinese high school students than anyone else in the world.
At least I think I do: I operate — along with my wife — a company in China that interviews students on behalf of selective U.S. colleges and boarding schools. More...

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How the US government’s tiny statistical error is distorting the true cost of college

By Zach Wener-Fligner. Many of the students now applying to US colleges and universities have almost no idea what it will really cost to go there, should they be accepted.
Save the jokes about these kids needing to do their homework. This is not the fault of prospective students—or their families. More...

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A London College Is Offering a Course on Taking the Perfect Selfie

By . Plus, it will help "improve your critical understanding of the photographic self portrait"
Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to improve your selfie game? Hopefully not! But if it is, you should consider heading to the U.K. to take a new course dedicated solely to the art of the selfie. More...

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3 Holistic College Admissions Trends to Watch

U.S. News CompassBy . At some schools, getting into college is about more than just high school GPA and test scores. As admissions committees focus on reviewing applications for next year's college class, high school juniors across the nation are beginning to prepare for their own admissions cycle. If this describes you, you likely already realize how difficult it can be to concurrently complete your course work, gather application information and track annual changes to items like the Common Application. More...

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Barnard College Joins List Of 94 Colleges Under Title IX Investigations

By . Barnard College, the women's liberal arts school affiliated with Columbia University, is under federal investigation for how it handles sexual violence, the U.S. Department of Education confirmed Wednesday. More...

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Higher Education: The Problem with Priorities

By . Some develop organically, whether in service of an academic program, to meet a perceived need, or at their best, to fulfill an institution's strategic plan. They are part of the business of evolution, matching and balancing people, programs and facilities to available resources and aspirations. In these cases, colleges and universities differ little from other growing enterprises offering a quality product in a competitive marketplace. More...

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Student Tuition Now Officially Pays More Than States For Public College Funding

By . Students now pay more of the cost of attending public universities than state governments, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report, and the federal agency says it's making college unaffordable. More...

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Higher Education Issues: 15 for '15

ForbesBy John Ebersole. The arrival of a new year brings with it the opportunity to reflect on that which occurred over the past twelve months and to look ahead at what awaits. For us in higher education, here is a list of issues that will be with us in 2015. Some are new. Others carryover from 2014. Each will likely require our time and attention. More...

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College Coaches' Salaries and Higher Education

By . One day after Jim Harbaugh was fired by the NFL's San Francisco 49ers, he signed a seven-year contract to coach at the University of Michigan. According to the Michigan Athletic Director, Harbaugh will be paid a guaranteed annual salary of $5 million, plus healthy bonuses for team success, a $2 million signing bonus and an unspecified amount of deferred salary. The AD said Harbaugh's compensation package is similar to what he got from the 49ers. More...

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New higher ed commissioner has diverse background, starts Monday

By Elizabeth Crisp. Joe Rallo has been a Navy intelligence officer, an Air Force colonel, an adviser on European Union-United States relations, and a college professor and administrator.
He has degrees in international relations and Russian history as well as a law degree, and he speaks French and Italian.
This week, the New York native is taking on his latest role: Louisiana higher education commissioner, a position that will have him overseeing the systems that lead the state’s two-year and four-year colleges and universities. More...

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