24 décembre 2014

Gender equalities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)

Gender equality in STEM aims and exchanging ideas and opinions about how to promote and support equality in Science, Technology and Mathematics related choice of careers. More...

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Mainstreaming elearning in national policies (Digital Agenda Assembly)

The Digital Agenda for Europe is the road map for bringing the benefits of a digital society and economy to Europe's citizens. "Action 68" calls Members States to mainstream eLearning in national policies. More...

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Language learning and social media – 6 key dialogues

A unique mix of activities exploring the relationship of language learning and social media in the web 2.0 era: Participatory debates, award-winning competitions, policy recommendations and reports, scientific publications and field studies. More...

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Mixed realities, virtual worlds and gaming

An area dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and experiences related to the changing role of Computer and Digital games in various areas of education and training. More...

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MOOCs and beyond

This online community aims to address the challenges and future of Massive Open Online Courses. We invite members to analyse the role of MOOCs and highlight the possibilities of this new learning and teaching experience. More...

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Open Education Challenge - education entrepreneurship in Europe

Your opportunity to develop, strengthen and fund your education startup. Learn more about this community. More...

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Startup Europe - MOOCs for web talent network

Find here all you need to know about MOOCs for web talent. Part of Startup Europe and supported by DG CONNECT. More...

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2014-102 - Les conditions de travail des salariés dans le secteur privé et la fonction publique

Abonnez-vous aux avis de parution de la DaresEn 2013, les contraintes physiques dans le travail concernent plus particulièrement les salariés de l’agriculture, de la construction et de la fonction publique hospitalière. Dans ces mêmes secteurs, ainsi que dans l’industrie manufacturière, les salariés indiquent plus souvent que la moyenne être exposés à des produits chimiques. Les horaires atypiques sont plus répandus dans le commerce, les transports et la fonction publique hospitalière.
L’intensité du travail apparaît relativement élevée dans la fonction publique hospitalière, l’industrie, le commerce et les transports, et l’autonomie importante dans la fonction publique de l’État. Le soutien social s’exprime différemment entre privé et public : les agents de la fonction publique sont davantage aidés par leurs collègues, et les salariés du privé par leur hiérarchie. Les exigences émotionnelles liées au contact avec le public sont plus souvent citées par les agents de la fonction publique.
Les changements organisationnels sont plus nombreux dans l’industrie manufacturière et les trois versants de la fonction publique, et moins bien vécus par les agents de l’État et de la fonction publique hospitalière.

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The multinational project Vegucation improves the current vocational training for future chefs. Furthermore an additional training is to be conceptualized to educate skilled “veganvegetarian” chefs. Project Website.
The consortium consists of different NGOs and gastronomical schools from four different countries; Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands. The main goals of the project are providing and implementing a professional job training with contemporary and appealing contents together with an additional training for people who already operate in the gastronomical sector to develop a European syllabus including teaching materials for plant based cuisine. More...

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Q4I project

The Q4I project, which started in December 2012, aims to develop, test and mainstream a quality development approach for schools that includes a strong commitment to innovation and that is based on the participation of all key stakeholders: students, teachers and parents, employers and representatives of local community. More...

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