24 décembre 2014

Equality and diversity in the REF

REF logoThe UK funding bodies are committed to supporting and promoting equality and diversity in research careers.

Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP)
EDAP was established to advise the funding bodies, the REF team and the REF panels on the implementation of equality measures in the REF.
EDAP reviewed institutions' codes of practice on the selection of staff and produced a report of good practice found in the codes.
EDAP's final report on the measures to support equality and diversity in the REF will be published in January 2015.
EDAP terms of reference and membership
Download the Equality and Diversity Advisory Group and terms of reference as MS Word (47 KB)

Equality and diversity policies and procedures
The REF team implemented a number of equality measures to assist the funding bodies in taking forward their committment to equality and diversity:

  • Panel criteria. The 'Equality briefing for REF panels' was provided to panels for use in developing their criteria and working methods.
  • Individual staff circumstances. 'Panel criteria and working methods' sets out the arrangements for enabling staff whose circumstances had constrained their ability to work productively throughout the assessment period, to be returned with fewer than four outputs without penalty in the assessment. These arrangements were applied consistently across the exercise.
  • Codes of practice. 'Guidance on submissions' sets out requirements for institutions to develop, document and apply a code of practice on the fair and transparent selection of staff for their REF submissions. Institutions submitted their codes of practice for EDAP to review, and these have been published on the REF website.
  • Assessment criteria. In assessing the research environment element of submissions, The REF panels considered how the submitted unit promotes equality and diversity.
  • Analysis of staff selection. The selection rates of staff for the REF will be analysed at sector level.

The equality measures for the REF were developed in consultation with the REF Equality and Diversity Advisory Group. More...

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The REF (Research Excellence Framework) - Analysis

REF logoThis page sets out summary data about each unit of assessment and analysis of the 2014 REF results as a whole.
General analysis
Analysis of the 2014 REF results and submissions at main panel and UK sector level:

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The REF (Research Excellence Framework) - Introduction

REF logoThe 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) is a peer assessment of the quality of UK universities' research in all disciplines. It replaces the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), last conducted in 2008. 
The REF was undertaken by the four UK higher education funding bodies, who will use the REF results to distribute research funding to universities on the basis of quality, from 2015-16 onwards.
154 UK institutions made submissions in 36 subject-based units of assessment (UOAs). The submissions were assessed by panels of experts, who produced an overall quality profile for each submission. Each overall quality profile shows the proportion of research activity judged by the panels to have met each of the four starred quality levels defined below, in steps of 1%. More...

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The REF (Research Excellence Framework) - Expert panels

REF logoThe REF was a process of expert review. Institutions were invited to make submissions in 36 units of assessment (UOAs). The submissions were assessed by an expert sub-panel for each UOA, working under the guidance of four main panels.
The main panels oversaw the assessment, ensuring the assessment criteria and standards were consistently applied. They were responsible for signing-off the results recommended by the sub-panels. The main panels included international members to provide assurance about the international benchmarking of standards.
The sub-panels reviewed submissions according to a set of assessment criteria and level definitions. All sub-panels included research users that participated in the assessment of impact. Specialist advisers assisted with outputs in languages that the sub-panels were unable to assess.
The 'Panel criteria and working methods' sets out how the main and sub-panels carried out the assessment.
The members of the REF panels were appointed by the four UK funding bodies. The process used for appointing them are detailed in 'Units of assessment and recruitment of expert panels'. More...

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REF frequently asked questions

REF logoThe information on this page was published whilst the exercise was being conducted; this material is provided for background information only and will not be updated.


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The REF (Research Excellence Framework) - Publications

REF logo2014





Other publications

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About the REF (Research Excellence Framework)

REF logoThe REF is the new system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions. It replaced the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), last conducted in 2008.
The 2014 REF was conducted jointly by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) and the Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland (DEL). The REF was managed by the REF team, based at HEFCE, on behalf of the four UK higher education funding bodies, and was overseen by the REF Steering Group, consisting of representatives of the four funding bodies.
The primary purpose of REF 2014 was to assess the quality of research and produce outcomes for each submission made by institutions:

  • The four higher education funding bodies will use the assessment outcomes to inform the selective allocation of their grant for research to the institutions which they fund, with effect from 2015-16.
  • The assessment provides accountability for public investment in research and produces evidence of the benefits of this investment.
  • The assessment outcomes provide benchmarking information and establish reputational yardsticks, for use within the higher education (HE) sector and for public information.
Guidance and criteria A record of the guidance provided to institutions on the process and criteria for making submissions to the REF 2014.
Research users Information on the REF 2014 for research users.
Timetable Timetable of the key events of the REF 2014.

The REF was developed through evaluations of the 2008 RAE, pilot exercises and consultations with the sector. Further information about the development of the 2014 REF can be found in the background section. More...

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The REF 2014 (Research Excellence Framework)

REF logoThe Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the new system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions.
The results of the 2014 REF were published on 18 December 2014.
The results were announced in this news item.
A brief overview of the REF is provided in the Key facts leaflet.

REF 2014 - Home - 500

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REF2014 shows UK university research leads the world

HEFCE logoThe results of the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), announced today, demonstrate the world-leading quality of research conducted in UK universities. For the first time in an exercise of this kind, the REF also highlights the wide-ranging and significant benefits that UK research brings to the economy and society.
The REF provides a robust and thorough assessment of the quality of universities’ research in all disciplines. The research of 52,061 academic staff from 154 UK universities was peer-reviewed by a series of panels comprising UK and international experts, and external users of research.
For further information, see www.ref.ac.uk. More...

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