The Doctoral Departments are designed to align French practice with European norms and achieve wider recognition of degrees in both the academic and professional spheres while continuing to ensure the highest level of education.
Studies within the new Doctoral Departments are now seen as providing “professional research experience.” Anyone holding a European master or equivalent may apply for admission to a Doctoral Department in order to prepare and defend a doctoral thesis. The Doctoral studies normally require three years. Successful candidates are awarded a doctoral degree, the highest degree offered in France’s higher education system.
It can also help building an international experience throught the joint dissertation scheme (cotutelle).
France has nearly 70,000 doctoral students, including more than 40% of international students.
Note: Candidates may be required to present a clear plan for financing their doctoral study as a condition for admission to a doctoral program. France issues different visas depending on how students finance their study. The long stay scientific visa is generally best suited to doctoral students.
The financial arrangements must be sufficient to allow the candidate to devote himself or herself full time to research over a period of 3 years. The Doctoral Department is the candidate’s principal point of contact in all matters related to the financing of doctoral study. More...