21 décembre 2014

Science and Innovation Strategy launched by government

By . Treasury also announces review of research councils to ensure ‘maximum impact’ from investment. More...

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New code for university governing councils published

By . A new code for UK university governing bodies aims to be a “bulwark against over-regulation”, as governance tensions rise in the sector. More...

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HE in FE report finds room for improvement

By . Nearly one in three English further education colleges offering higher education that were reviewed last year have been told to make improvements. More...

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Ucas report suggests fall in entrance grades at selective universities

By . The proportion of university applicants entering the most selective institutions with the highest grades has continued to fall, a new report says. More...

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Oxbridge graduates start on £8K more than post-92 alumni

By . Graduates of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge start on salaries that are £7,600, or 42 per cent, higher than those from post-92 institutions. More...

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REF 2014: Is London now dominant?

By . The results of the research excellence framework have triggered claims that London universities are challenging the longstanding dominance of Oxbridge. More...

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REF 2014: Scotland and Wales claim success

By . Devolved countries claim proportion of 3* and 4* submissions above average. Higher education leaders in the devolved nations have hailed the research excellence framework results as proof that their universities punch above their weight. More...

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Impact of higher fees on HE laid out in UUK report

By . The impact of the introduction of £9,000 tuition fees at English universities is detailed in a new report. Patterns and Trends in UK Higher Education, published by Universities UK on 15 November, collates information from the Higher Education Statistics Agency and other sources about 2012-13, the first year of the new charging regime. More...

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Time management tips for PhDs

By University Affairs Staff. How to control your projects.
Rose Hastreiter, a senior consultant at Direct Corporate Solutions offers tips on how PhDs can keep themselves on track when it comes to both big and small projects. More...

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Leveling the playing field for young female researchers in Europe

By David Kent. Changes to eligibility rules should be adopted by any agency looking to encourage women to continue in science.
I attended a meeting in Cambridge last month about European Research Council funding for early career researchers. One mode of providing “start-up” funding in Europe is to award personal fellowships to new and early career investigators that covers salaries and research. More...

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