21 décembre 2014

What Is Learning? 12 Principles of Peer-Led, Connected, Interactive Education

http://www.hastac.org/files/imagecache/homepage_50/pictures/picture-79-873560aec16bee4b69793f2fa0fbd715.jpgBy Cathy Davidson. Here are a baker's dozen of the main principles of connected learning. As you will see, they form an “ecosystem,” where each component influences and changes the others. These apply in any field (although differently in each field). These principles draw from constructivist, engaged “public educators” (Stuart Hall’s term)  going back as far as Lev Vygotsky and John Dewey and including Howard Gardner, Franz Fanon, Jacques Rancière, and digital pedagogy theorists including Yochai Benkler, Howard Rhinegold,  Mizuko Ito, and many others. More...

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