15 décembre 2014

7 best colleges for STEM jobs

eCampus NewsVictory Media, creator of STEM Jobs(SM) education, career and media resources for students interested in STEM careers, announced their list of 2015 STEM Jobs Approved Colleges. More...

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Mandates burden higher ed., increase costs

By David John Marotta and Megan Russell. In 2013, President Obama declared, "We've got a crisis in terms of college affordability and student debt." He recommended his three-part Plan for Making College Affordable, “a better bargain for the middle class."
His three proposals are: pay colleges for students' performances; promote innovation in colleges; and help students manage and make loan payments. More...

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New higher education funding formula doesn’t accurately measure performance

By Tyler Silvy. A late injection of $15 million made a Colorado Commission on Higher Education funding formula announcement more palatable to the University of Northern Colorado, which otherwise would have joined a handful of Colorado schools that wouldn’t secure a full 10 percent state funding increase under the new formula’s guidelines. More...

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Higher education leaders seek to 'notch up' performance-based funds

Deseret NewsBy . Utah Commissioner of Higher Education David Buhler is hoping to bring greater rewards for colleges and universities that meet certain benchmarks in student success.
For now, the rewards aren't much when compared to an institution's overall budget. But they represent a growing movement toward performance-based funding in education. More...

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The Crisis of Information in Higher Education

By Beth Akers. Earlier this year, I coauthored a report that questioned the national dialogue about a pending student loan crisis.  This report revealed evidence that ran counter to the notion that the majority of borrowers with student loan debt were struggling financially, or that the condition of borrowers has been deteriorating over time.  Our analysis showed that onerous debt burdens were less common than many imagined, with only seven percent of young borrowers holding balances in excess of $50,000.  We also found that the widely publicized increases in borrowing seen over the past two decades were accompanied, for the most part, by increases in earnings, despite stagnant growth in wages in the broader economy. More...

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Here’s the New Way Colleges Are Predicting Student Grades

By . Data algorithms cover millions of grades from thousands of students.
For years, Stephanie Dupaul would jokingly consult her collection of Magic 8 Balls when students asked her questions such as, “Will I get an A in that class?” Now, she can give them an answer far more accurate than anything predicted by a toy fortune-teller. More...

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Tuition Only Pays For Part Of Students’ Educations, Community Colleges Tell Governor

Nashville Public RadioBy . Many students going to community college next year will have their tuition covered by Tennessee Promise, but that only pays for a portion of what their education actually costs. As higher education officials are reminding the governor, schools rely largely on state funding to pay the difference.
While presenting a budget proposal Friday, Tennessee Board of Regents Chancellor John Morgan said tuition covers a little more half of the total price tag of community college. The school still has to dish out about $3,000 per student. More...

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Is public higher education losing the public?

By Matthew T. Lambert. The popular discourse today about higher education is largely negative—college costs too much, students learn too little, jobs are too scarce for the graduates who rack up debt to earn back their investment, and universities change at a pace that can only be measured by geologists...glacial.  On the other hand, technology has enabled more non-traditional students to access a higher education than ever before and more students are graduating with certificates and degrees than at any point in human history.  As Dickens once remarked, it is the best of times and the worst of times. More...

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Life After College

By Brian C. Mitchell. By the end of sophomore year, tradition suggests that most college students should think about how they can narrow their interests to a range of opportunities after graduation. It's not that college is over for them, it's just more a case of the need to plan ahead.
While many began their college careers thinking that they knew what they wanted out of life, few students are so mature and have had all the tumblers kick into place. More...

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HigherEdJobs' Report Shows Growth in University-level Positions

By . For the first time in more than a year, good news has surfaced for those aspiring to work in higher education. According to a report conducted by HigherEdJobs, a posting site for university-level positions, higher education jobs increased by 0.2 percent in this latest quarter after four previous quarters of decline. More...

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