15 décembre 2014

New Plan Hatched to Block Plagiarism’s Spread

By . A Sudanese university wants to set up a network among Arab universities to stop students accused of plagiarism from moving from institution to institution.
Esam al-Din Adam, dean of the College of Graduate Studies of Omdurman Islamic University, in Sudan, announced that goal last month in response to an incident in which 10 students were found to have plagiarized. More...

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How to turn a traditional course into a unique online course

eCampus NewsBy David Brooks. Creating a college course may not be easy but at least it’s understood; people have been doing it since Socrates lectured in ancient Greece.
Creating an online college course is another matter. There’s no Socratic judgement on the relative benefits of asynchronous videos, real-time discussion boards or e-books in the cloud. Those judgements are being created right now, by experience. More...

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Want more diversity in STEM?

eCampus NewsBy Pooja Sankar. This week, during Computer Science Education Week, as educators and administrators discuss ways to attract more students—women and minorities especially—to study computer science, remember that it’s not enough to simply encourage under-represented groups to take their first STEM classes. More...

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5 university apps all institutions should model

eCampus NewsBy . As smartphone ownership explodes, organizations need an intelligent app strategy to connect with their audience—and nowhere is that more true than at the university, whose users are nearly all smartphone- and digital-native, and bring high expectations for their app experience. More...

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3 technologies revolutionizing admissions

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . Where should I go to college? What courses should I take? How will the college know about the importance of my credentials? Should I transfer?
These questions, which have become so important to today’s students, can now be answered in the blink of an eye, thanks to a set of digital technologies aimed at easing the worry and workflow of prospective students and admissions offices. More...

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Unique LMS emerges for developing countries

eCampus NewsWe’ve all heard the disappointing stories of plopping tablets into develop countries’ students’ hands expecting a learning revolution. But now, leading ed-tech companies have come together to create a tablet-specific learning management system (LMS) to get innovative learning off the ground. More...

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The most affordable online colleges

eCampus NewsIn a unique college ranking based exclusively on total cost to earn an online bachelor’s degree, independent college search and rankings website College Choice has published its first annual ranking of most affordable online colleges for bachelor’s degrees. More...

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Robot platform for STEM to inspire next generation

eCampus NewsiRobot Corp., which delivers robotic technology-based solutions, announced  updates to the company’s STEM outreach program, including the launch of Create 2–a pre-assembled robot platform, based off the company’s Roomba® that gives educators, students and developers firsthand robotic programming experience. More...

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“Oscar” winners of innovation in higher education

eCampus NewsQS Quacquarelli Symonds, publisher of the QS World University Rankings, has developed this global competition in partnership with The Wharton School SEI Center of the University of Pennsylvania to highlight innovative best practices that better meet the higher education needs for today’s diverse student body. More...

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Texas university finalizes major partnership to expand access

eCampus NewsThe University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is partnering with Pearson to expand access to an estimated 5,000 under-served students regionally and nationwide through UTEP Connect, a suite of fully online baccalaureate, graduate and certificate programs. More...

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