07 décembre 2014

10 pedagogical innovations poised to take off in 2015

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . According to education technology experts at The Open University, a distance learning and research university founded by Royal Charter in the U.K., there are 10 innovations already in currency in higher education institutions today; they just haven’t had a profound influence…yet. More...

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10 best Apple and Android Apps for research

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . One of the biggest perks to including mobile devices in the classroom is also one of the most basic—conducting research with the touch of a finger. And outside of downloading Google’s search app, many apps cater intuitively to finding articles and annotation sources, which is helpful for any student, educator or librarian. More...

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Gifted pupils from deprived areas to attend regular seminars at top universities

The IndependentBy Richard Garner. Children as young as 11 are set to be offered classes at universities including Cambridge in a bid to help the brightest comprehensive pupils from poorer areas secure places at top institutions.
Around 400 of the most “highly able” 11- to 14-year-olds at non-selective state schools will be chosen to attend regular academic seminars at four of the country’s most in-demand universities. Read more...

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Universities Down Under lose appeal for Singaporeans

By . Observers and students cite the unfavourable exchange rate and lower rankings as factors for the declining number of Singaporeans pursuing higher education in Australia.
The figures – provided by the Australian Government Department of Education – also showed that the number of Singaporean students currently enrolled in Australian universities has fallen 13.2 per cent from 8,383 to 7,280 as of September. More...

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Universities to introduce quotas for first-time applicants

IN the future, universities and other higher education institutions must reserve study places for applicants who have not accepted a study place in a degree programme or completed a degree in a Finnish higher education institution.
The obligation is set forth in a proposal presented for parliamentary consideration on 14 November by the Government as part of its structural policy programme. More...

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Over 100,000 Greek Scientists Working Abroad

By Ioanna Zikakou. In the midst of the financial crisis that hit Greece over 5 years ago, young people are leaving the country in search for a better future. This is another tragic side effect of the crisis that has cost Greece some of its brightest young scientists.
More than 100,000 Greek scientists are working or looking for a better job position abroad. Meanwhile, 30,000 Greeks are also studying out of the country and plan on setting up their lives away from their homeland. See more...

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Indian giant gives lifeline to struggling universities

Independent.ieBy Sarah McCabe. Ireland is first choice for Tata empire to pioneer online learning project. India's richest company is forging a deal to transform Ireland into the world's first stop for e-learning and earn millions for the country's floundering universities. More...

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Nzimande threatens Afrikaans university with closure

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande will have private university Academia's registration withdrawn if it remains exclusively Afrikaans, Rapport reported on Sunday.
"If that is the case, we will withdraw their registration. I will not even apologise for it," said Nzimande.
He said he would not allow a university to refuse admission - even on the grounds of language. More...

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SA universities offer online courses to students worldwide

By Tanya Farber. TWO top South African universities are, for the first time, offering "massive online open courses" (MOOCs) to thousands of students through international MOOC providers.
The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) on Wednesday said it was partnering with nonprofit MOOC provider EdX, which was founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). More...

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Engaging intellectuals and politicians

By Michael D Kennedy. When the eminent French sociologist Michel Wieviorka joined our meeting of the Next Left in Santiago last month, he rearticulated an enduring concern: how can we extend the engagement between intellectuals and politicians, between collective actions and institutional expressions, between the instrumentalities of politics and the complexities academics favour? Read more...

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