07 décembre 2014

European Platform and Nuffic to merge

From 1 January 2015, the European Platform and Nuffic will be joined in a new alliance. The new organisation – EP-Nuffic – will cater for the entire Dutch education sector, providing support and advice in matters of internationalisation.
International connectedness is becoming increasingly common, and increasingly important. By forging a new organisation, the European Platform and Nuffic will be able to offer more than the sum of their existing parts. More...

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Russian student survey: one-third interested in Dutch higher education

What do Russian students know about studying abroad? And do they consider the Netherlands as a possible study destination? A survey commissioned by Nuffic Neso Russia reveals the factors that may influence their future choices. The survey was conducted in four regions outside Moscow and St Petersburg. More...

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Turkish Delight: Rising in the University Rankings

Al FanarBy  - Al-Fanar. Turkish universities, which sit at the cultural crossroads linking Europe and the Arab world, are climbing in the international rankings.
Three Turkish higher learning institutions placed among the top 10 in the BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings, published Wednesday by the London-based magazine Times Higher Education. More...

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Egyptian University Presidents Consider More Outreach

Al FanarBy  - Al-Fanar. “Why not develop a national campaign about learning in Egypt?” asked Lisa Anderson, president of the American University in Cairo.
She posed the question to a room of Egyptian university presidents who gathered in Luxor in mid-November to discuss ways to strengthen domestic university ties, enhance student connections and connect Egyptian universities with employers. More...

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Making Higher Education Part of the Humanitarian Response to Refugees

Al FanarBy  - Al-Fanar. In a white prefabricated trailer in the desert east of Amman, a Syrian refugee, Mahmoud, calmly followed with clear interest his teacher’s explanation about the vapor compression cycle, part of basic refrigeration technology. More...

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Looking at Arab Education Through PISA Tests

Al FanarBy  - Al-Fanar. Mohammed wants to build a rectangular patio five meters in length and three meters wide. He needs 81 bricks per square meter. How many bricks does Mohammed need?
Since the turn of the millennium, teenage students around the world have been asked questions like this as part of the Program for International Student Assessment—better known as the PISA test, which is administered every three years. More...

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Options for Special-Needs Students Are Few at Egyptian Universities

Al FanarBy  - Al-Fanar. In 1976, Stephen Hawking, a pioneering physicist and research director at the Center for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge University, proved that black holes release radiation due to quantum effects. This finding would be later dubbed the “Hawking radiation.” Hawking made his discovery while he was completely paralyzed due to a nervous system defect. He only communicates through an electronic speech-generating device.
But if Hawking was in Egypt, his access to university might have been severely impeded. More...

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Arab Science Fiction: Thriving Yet Underappreciated

Al FanarBy Soraya Morayef - Al-Fanar. A panel of writers, journalists and artists attempted to answer these questions in London this month. Organised by Sindbad to Sci-Fi, a group whose slogan is “reimagining Arab science fiction,” the discussion was held in London as part of Nour Festival of Arts, an annual cultural festival now in its fifth year focusing on contemporary Middle Eastern and Northern African arts and culture. More...

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New York college grads get free tech skills training

eCampus NewsCreated to address the growing technology skills gap in the job market, a new program is being offered in the New York area to expand the state’s technology talent pool and reduce unemployment. More...

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3D printing curriculum released for college instructors

eCampus NewsSTEM educators, especially those teaching engineering and design, will now have access to a free, customizable 3D printing curriculum intended to give students a leg-up in the job market. More...

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