07 décembre 2014

Introducing a New Column

HomeBy Kerry Ann Rockquemore. Six years ago, I wrote The Black Academic’s Guide to Winning Tenure Without Losing Your Soul with Tracey Laszloffy because I wanted to give something to new faculty members. It was everything I wish someone had told me when I started out in my academic career. Since then, I created the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity to open up mentoring to a larger group of academics. Read more...

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Curiosity Kills the Cat's Career

HomeBy Katrina Gulliver. In what sense does branching from your original field come with a punishment? Does the academy really want intellectual curiosity?
I am a historian, and I have published in Asian, Pacific, urban and American history. Read more...

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Tweet and You'll Miss It

HomeBy Michelle Miller. In my book Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology, I foreground attention as the starting point for everything designers of college-level online learning experiences should know about human cognition. Read more...

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Questions of Character

HomeBy Scott McLemee. The Greek philosopher and scientist Theophrastus would probably have remained forever in the shadow of Aristotle, his teacher and benefactor (a very big shadow, admittedly) if not for a little volume of personality sketches called Characters he wrote at the age of 99. At least that’s what he claims in the preface. The first character type he portrays is called “The Ironical Man,” so it’s possible he was just putting everyone on. Read more...

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Assessing Assessment

HomeBy Christopher B. Nelson. In higher education circles, there is something of a feeding frenzy surrounding the issue of assessment. The federal government, due to release a proposed rating system later this fall, wants assessments to create ways to allow one to compare colleges and universities that provide “value”; accrediting organizations want assessments of student learning outcomes; state agencies want assessments to prove that tax dollars are being spent efficiently; institutions want internal assessments that they can use to demonstrate success to their own constituencies. Read more...

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Letting Faculty Drive

HomeBy Marie Norman. The results are in. Inside Higher Ed recently released its third annual survey of college and university faculty members, focusing on perceptions of online learning. It showed that faculty:

  • Remain highly skeptical about the efficacy of online education
  • Consider the instructor-student relationship essential for learning.

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15 Hours Doesn't Work for Everyone

HomeBy Pamela Tate. In a research brief by Complete College America called “The Power of 15 Credits,” the group makes a good case (citing data on first-time enrollees) that the larger credit load does, indeed, have an impact -- and improved students’ chances of earning a degree. Read more...

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'Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go'

HomeBy Alexandra W. Logue. There is a large group of students — often overlooked — whose completion of college we need to better track and encourage: transfer students. We need to do a better job of collecting and following transfer students’ data and of instituting policies that help them to graduate, such as ensuring that their credits transfer. There are many reasons that these students deserve our full attention. Read more...

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Job Success Can Be Measured

HomeBy Stephanie Bond Huie. With rising tuition, families are increasingly concerned about what students can expect after graduation in terms of debt, employment, and earnings. They want to know: What is the value of a college degree? Is it worth the cost? Are graduates getting good-paying jobs. Read more...

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Language Jobs Down

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The 2013-14 academic year saw a decline in faculty openings in English and foreign languages, according to an analysis released by the Modern Language Association. The drop was 8.4 percent for English and 6.8 percent for foreign languages. Read more...

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