07 décembre 2014

Campuses help students get a little extra rest

University Business LogoBy Matt Zalaznick. A hatch closes on the round pod as it tilts backward. Inside, relaxing music plays along with a display of soothing LED lights and the student has 20 minutes to rest—before being roused by a gentle, automated massage. More...

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Student Financial Services

University Business LogoBy Thomas W. Durso. Managing personal finance is difficult enough for working professionals. For college students, it can be almost impossible.
Part of the reason is that there are multiple finance-related aspects to higher education, and they have different, often confusing languages, says Nedi Goga, executive director of student financial services and compliance at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. More...

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Information Technology

University Business LogoBy Thomas W. Durso. “Your reputation is at risk.
That was the message relayed to Marist College Vice President and CIO Bill Thirsk by a hiring manager who had been contacted by a former employment candidate. The job seeker had attempted to apply for a position through the New York college’s online employment system, only to give up because the user experience was so frustrating. More...

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Admissions and Records

University Business LogoBy Thomas W. Durso. Higher education administrators looking to increase efficiency frequently cite document management as a major roadblock. Even so, the numerous flaws in the system used by the College of the Desert’s admissions and records department went beyond the typical woes. More...

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Admissions and New Student Programs

University Business LogoBy Thomas W. Durso. Maybe the last thing you want to do in environmentally conscious Oregon is implement an efficiency-oriented solution that ends up resulting in greater paper use.
Administrators at Portland State purchased an enterprise content management solution for admissions, registration and records, financial aid and business services that—among other deficiencies—necessitated the printing of a prospective student’s application materials from one system in order to scan them into another. More...

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Creating immersive experiences through experiential branding and wayfinding

University Business LogoBy Paul Orban and Tim Smith. The needs of those who work and learn in institutions of higher education require environments that reflect their preferences and culture more than ever before. That’s why experiential branding and wayfinding have become integral parts of an institution’s architectural expression. While the brand—the story of who you are and why you exist as an institution— builds distinction (beyond curriculum choices) in the marketplace, wayfinding serves to direct, inform and inspire. More...

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Designing for Impact - Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Students

University Business LogoBy Paul Orban. Increasing enrollment is a priority for many institutions. The race is on to create a marketplace distinction in order to attract new students and to retain current students. As if this challenge weren’t enough, colleges and universities are faced with rising costs, reduced endowments and smaller budgets. As campus leaders look for ways to leverage their resources and still accomplish their enrollment and growth goals, one viable strategy is to recognize the role that physical facilities have on student attraction and retention. More...

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Non-first-time students a fix for decreasing enrollment?

University Business LogoBy Lauren Williams. The number of Americans age 18 to 21, the traditional college age, has decreased by nearly 700,000 since 2011—from 18.1 to 17.4 million—according to research from the University of Virginia. With this decline, many colleges could turn to older non-first-time students to maintain enrollment numbers and financial goals. More...

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Education is worth the investment

University Business LogoBy William J. Lowe. There is no greater financial investment in one’s future than a college degree. While this viewpoint has its critics, the reality is the value of a degree has never been greater.
Despite public questions about a degree’s worth, the pay gap between college graduates and those without a degree reached a high in 2013. More...

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Univer-cities: Affordable San Franciscos?

University Business LogoBy John Gann. In the business world, products sometimes price themselves out of the market and provide an opening for competitors.
Because of strong demand for what they offer, universities have long been able to raise tuitions without triggering this effect. But today we have controversy about the burden of student loans (a movie expose, “Ivory Tower,” opened in June). More...

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