07 décembre 2014

Former Wall Street Analyst Guarantees Students’ Acceptance At Elite Colleges

CBS SFImagine sacrificing Sundays to bone up on English and science. Plenty of kids are doing just that to get into the college of their dreams.
“It’s my life goal to go to an Ivy League School,” one girl told KPIX.
Another said, “your college pretty much … helps you … where you’ll end up in the future.”
The road to higher education can be brutal. Most students who apply to elite universities are rejected. More...

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More International Students on Campus, Especially in Some States

The Pew Charitable TrustsBy Jake Grovum. The number of U.S. college students from overseas has skyrocketed in recent years, with more than 886,000 studying on American campuses this past academic year — an all-time high and more than double the number of foreign students 20 years ago.
At a time when many states have squeezed funding for higher education, international students are highly sought after because they pay higher tuition than U.S. students. More...

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Higher education: Identifying the senior team

By Brian C. Mitchell. There are big changes coming in American higher education. College and university governance must accommodate these changes and shape rather than be shaped by them. The changes reflect both the simple reality that the financing structure doesn't work and that external forces will impose new challenges and opportunities upon senior leadership. More...

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For-profit colleges fight new federal rule

USATODAYBy Bill Theobald. For-profit schools are fighting an Obama administration regulation that could threaten financial aid for hundreds of thousands of their students.
The Department of Education's plan to tighten control over for-profit, post-secondary institutions is the most recent clash between those who believe many for-profit schools exploit students and leave them heavily in debt, and those who argue the schools are over-regulated and treated unfairly compared with public and private non-profit schools. More...

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Don’t rob higher ed to fund other education mandates

The Seattle TimesBy Stan Barer and Hugh Spitzer. WASHINGTON’S Office of Financial Management recently warned the state’s public universities to expect severe budget cuts in the next fiscal year — possibly up to 15 percent. Much of the impetus for this threat comes from the state Supreme Court’s requirement that the Legislature live up to the Constitution’s declaration that the “paramount duty” of state government is “to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders.” More...

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Can you learn nanotechnology online?

By . Virtual classrooms are reshaping higher education. But what does that mean for more hands-on, scientific fields?
You may remember 2012 as the year Whitney Houston died, or when you donated all that money to the effort to catch Joseph Kony, the Ugandan guerrilla leader notorious for making young boys into child soldiers. But, according to the New York Times, 2012 was also the year of the MOOC, or massive open online courses. Thousands of students all over the world can take courses online crafted by some of the top universities in the world, all for free. More...

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Why two states have poured money into public higher education

The Hechinger ReportBy . More than a quarter of a billion dollars’ worth of new facilities are going up here or have been opened in the last few years. Another $80 million is being spent at North Dakota State University, an hour and a half south in Fargo, where carillon bells blare the fight song every afternoon at 5. And $179 million more was approved for public universities and colleges statewide by the last session of the legislature, along with $12 million for research and nearly $40 million for raises and increased operating and utility costs. More...

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How to Pick a College President

By . I have never been persuaded that leaders in higher education should be selected from academics. Or, more precisely, I doubt that the customary responsibilities of a faculty member prepares her to preside over an institution of higher education. The skill sets needed for longevity heading a college do not overlap significantly with the talent and training of the typical scholar-teacher, especially in these times of unceasing change. The selection of professors and the expectations of them are not intended to foster development of diverse competencies. More...

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Tribe Pictures connects leaders with students

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. Tribe’s commercials aired during coverage of what’s been dubbed Rivalry 150 (www.rivalry150.com). Since 1884, Lafayette and Lehigh have faced off on the gridiron more than any other colleges in US history. The spots will eventually be featured on the college’s campaign web site, liveconnected.lafayette.edu. More...

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Faculty and university president call a truce

By . Faculty and union leaders said Friday they have reached a temporary truce with the president of the state’s largest public college system.
Angst among professors at the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system had grown in recent weeks after President Gregory W. Gray released “roadmaps” for changes he was considering making at the schools.

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