07 décembre 2014

Call for civic engagement shake-up of university rankings

By Rebecca Warden and Ard Jongsma. International league tables should take account of civic engagement when they are ranking universities, according to vice-chancellors, academics and students gathered on 4 December at the closing ceremony of the Talloires Network Leaders Conference near Cape Town, South Africa. This was one of six points in a Call to Action, a closing statement for the 264 delegates to take back to their institutions in 41 countries. Read more...

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Blowing Off Class? We Know

The New York TimesBy Goldie Blumenstyk. THE stuff some colleges know right now about their students, thanks to data-mining of their digital footprints, boggles the mind. It may even seem a bit creepy.
Has their attendance slipped? Have they stopped logging in to read course packets or file assignments? Did they just drop the very class they needed for their major?
Tools developed in-house and by a slew of companies now give administrators digital dashboards that can code students red or green to highlight who may be in academic trouble. More...

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A world-class business education for free? Here's how.

philly.comBy Sam Wood. Laurie Pickard wanted an education from a world-class business school. She didn’t want to pay the $168,000 for a degree from Wharton. So she found a way to get the education — though minus the sheepskin — for next to nothing.
Pickard is the creator of the No Pay MBA, and she is perhaps the first person to ever pursue a complete business education through massive open online courses (MOOCs) on the Internet. Read more...

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A Look Back at the Higher Education Act

ForbesBy CCAP. First signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 as part of his Great Society campaign, the Higher Education Act’s original purpose was to solidify and expand the federal government’s involvement in higher education policy. Now up for its 10th reauthorization in the coming months (most recently in 2008), it will likely receive much attention from postsecondary pundits as well as trade groups, professional organizations, public policy institutes, and invested colleges and universities. More...

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Why is the U.S. helping to bail out a for-profit university?

ForbesBy Steven Salzberg. Talk about trying to fly under the radar: announcing a deal during Thanksgiving week is a sure sign that someone—in this case the U.S. Department of Education—doesn’t want you to notice.
In the deal announced on November 20, a student debt collection company, ECMC Group, will buy 56 college campuses from Corinthian Colleges Inc., a for-profit university. More...

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Overcoming challenges of getting Michigan students interested in STEM careers

By Mike Wilkinson. Despite the successes at Michigan Tech, challenges loom for STEM education even as public interest in the importance of a STEM degree is clear.
“It’s at its highest point in 25 years,” said Mitchell Chang, a professor of higher education and organizational change at UCLA.
That doesn’t automatically translate into getting enough students into quality programs for engineering, science or other STEM fields, Chang and others said. More...

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White House's college ratings system controversial even before completion

latimes.comBy . The Obama administration is developing a national rating system for colleges and universities to provide more transparency and give students and taxpayers a better sense of where to spend their education funds. More...

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Most College Students Don't Graduate On Time

By Allie Bidwell. The vast majority of college students aren't completing their degrees on time, largely due to a lack of guidance and too many choices.
A new report from the nonprofit Complete College America argues two-year and four-year degrees are "little more than modern myths" considering how few students actually finish their degrees in that amount of time.
"The reality is that our system of higher education costs too much, takes too long and graduates too few," the report says. More...

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Colleges that pledged to help poor families have been doing the opposite, new figures show

The Hechinger ReportBy and . Decked out in black tie and formal dresses, guests at Mr. Jefferson’s Capital Ball finished their salmon with horseradish sauce just as the band lured them onto the dance floor with classics including “Shout” and “My Girl.” Some of the people who paid up to $400 a couple to attend the event in the Grand Ballroom of the historic Mayflower Hotel joined in the Electric Slide. More...

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The Real Disruptive Innovation in Education

By Brandon Busteed. Clayton Christensen, the Harvard Business School professor and author of The Innovator's Dilemma, is on record saying that as many as half of U.S. colleges and universities will go out of business in the next 15 years. His case for arguing this stems from extensive research on technology-driven "disruptive innovations" across many industries. In recent years, he has looked closely at the disruption caused by online courses in the education world, and his predictions have caused quite a stir. More...

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