07 décembre 2014

What design model for teaching and learning should you use in a digital age?

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/MIT-MOOC-panel-548x305.jpgBy Tony Bates. I have now finished the first draft on Chapter 6, Models for Designing Teaching and Learning, and this is now published as part of my open textbook, Teaching in a Digital Age.
The chapter covers the following design models:

    6.1 What is a design model?
    6.2 The classroom design model
    6.3 Old wine in new bottles: classroom-type online learning
    6.4 Online collaborative learning
    6.5 The ADDIE model
    6.6. Design models for experiential learning
    6.7. Competency-based learning
    6.8 Communities of practice
    6.9 Massive Open Online Courses
    6.10 ‘Agile’ Design: flexible designs for learning
    6.11 Making decisions about design models
    6.12 References on design models

Most of it has been published as posts on this blog, except the last section (6.11), which I’m sharing with you here. I will publish the complete bibliography for the chapter separately. Read more...
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