06 décembre 2014

Today is Cyber Monday. And so is tomorrow and the next day and the next…

By Andrew Wyckoff. Today is Cyber Monday – although the term is less than ten years old, so you may not have even known it. Like its better known cousin ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’ is a marketing term to mark the kick-off of the holiday shopping season, right after Thanksgiving, in the US. Unlike Black Friday though, Cyber Monday is all about e-commerce: the New York Times sanctified the term in 2005, with the observation that “millions of otherwise productive working Americans, fresh off a Thanksgiving weekend of window shopping, were returning to high-speed Internet connections at work Monday and buying what they liked.” More...

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ALADIN Online Alert

The ALADIN network has launched a new initiative, the ALADIN Online Alert, designed to share, on a bi-monthly basis, new online and full-text information and documents in the areas of adult learning, adult literacy, lifelong learning and technical and vocational education and training (TVET). ALADIN, the Adult Learning Documentation and Information Network, was established to support networking and information-sharing between libraries and information services in the areas of adult learning and literacy. Today it comprises 96 documentation centres in 47 countries in all regions of the world. These range from large university libraries and research units to small NGO resource centres and online collections.
The new ALADIN Online Alert was developed by ALADIN members Centre de documentation sur l'éducation des adultes et la condition féminine (CDÉACF) and the Library of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), based on the good example of the Online Alert of ALADIN member UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE). Other ALADIN members have already agreed to regularly contribute to this new information service, helping to ensure the broadest possible balance of region and content.
Contact information: Lisa Krolak, ALADIN Coordinator. More...

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ITMO University opens new office in Brussels

LogoThe St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) in Russia has announced that it has opened a new international office in Brussels, Belgium.
The university said the new office, that was inaugurated at a special event in Brussels this week, “is created for scientists and researchers all over the world in order to organise an effective international collaboration and active scientific cooperation”. Moreover, it said the new location would allow it to spread information about itself more actively, and would open up additional opportunities for staff and students of the ITMO University, including the “active involvement of foreign colleagues for joint research and educational projects”.
More information is available on the ITMO website. More...

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Amended TEQSA Bill a considerable improvement on government's original proposal

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). The Abbott Government has passed the TEQSA Bill today with amendments that address concerns raised by the NTEU.
The NTEU concerns were articulated in its submission to the Senate Inquiry into the TEQSA legislation, and included:
-       The removal of TEQSA's role in overseeing quality improvement for higher education;
-       The removal of parliamentary oversight of the Minister’s instructions, thus compromising the independence of TEQSA; and
-       The removal of the existing TEQSA Commissioner through a legislative instrument. More...

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Desperate tinkering doesn't address $100,000 degrees

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). The NTEU has today hit back at Christopher Pyne’s compromise higher education package, saying that tinkering around the edges wouldn’t address soaring fees under a deregulated system.
Speaking from Canberra today, where the NTEU are talking to cross-bench Senators about the disastrous impact deregulation will have on universities and students, Assistant National Secretary Matthew McGowan said that the amendments were a desperate, last ditch attempt to hide the true impact of deregulation. More...

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$100,000 degrees still on the horizon

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). Yet again, the Abbott Government has ignored the public, university staff, students and their families in refusing to dump their unfair university changes.
Instead, it has cobbled together a shopping list in a bid to savagely cut public investment in our universities and allow the cost of some degrees to rise to over $100,000. More...

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Pyne's smoke and mirrors over 'new' scholarships

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). The Minister for Education’s announcement of ‘new’ scholarships from a ‘proposed’ Higher Education Participation Scholarships Fund is yet another education reform illusion, said the NTEU today.
The government’s announcement of a “dedicated scholarship fund” for universities with a high proportion of students from regional and rural areas gives the illusion of new money and a new program. More...

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NTEU applauds defeat of higher education changes

By Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office). The NTEU applauds the majority of Australian senators who tonight refused to pass the Abbott Government’s radical and destructive changes to university funding that would have led to many ordinary Australian families abandoning their dreams of a university education. More...

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IRU response to Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research

http://www.nteu.org.au//var/files/thumbs/a780532dd116f8da145bac8c4c7961bc_e7e2a056b6c5e8722188bac5fbb3550f_w80_.jpgBy Jen T. Kwok. The IRU have released their response to the Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research discussion paper, providing prima facie support for the Coalition's headline proposal, the Industry Growth Centes, and advocating for the creation of a research impact assessment potentially linked to funding allocation. More...

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IAU Highlights from the Press

The IAU monitors a wide range of worldwide media and news sources to keep IAU Members up-to-date on higher education news and trends worldwide and also to note subjects of high interest to the press.

IAU Highlights from the Press is the result of this monitoring. This issue includes 73 articles, in English and French, from 36 different countries. The articles have been selected and analysed on the basis of the frequency of occurrence of the subject they tackle, their geographical coverage and relevance to IAU priority themes.

The Highlights are released monthly.

Contact: Amanda Sudic, IAU Librarian/ Documentalist. More...

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