23 novembre 2014

Debate over university funding projects in China

Shanghai Daily,上海日报China's Ministry of Education has quelled rumors that the 211 and 985 project, aimed at improving the quality of higher education in China, would be abolished in a statement released Thursday.
Universities participating in project 211 and project 985 are entitled to various degrees of state research funds, usually receiving far more funding than that distributed to ordinary colleges. Read more...

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New model needed to close widening education gap

By Gene Wade. While more and more jobs require college degrees, these degrees are becoming increasingly inaccessible and unaffordable for a majority of Americans. In other sectors, technology-driven innovation seems to put everything right at our fingertips at prices we can afford. Why isn’t this the case for higher education and what can we do about it?
The value of a college degree is well known. Read more...

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New scientometrics centre connects science to society

By Munyaradzi Makoni. The Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy – SciSTIP – outlined fields of research and how it will carry out its work at a scientific launch conference held at Stellenbosch University in South Africa earlier this month. A major aim is to produce comprehensive reviews of science and technology – the first in 20 years. Read more...

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Not just international but ‘Super Global Universities’

By Suvendrini Kakuchi. Japan recently unveiled its Super Global Universities initiative in a bid to boost the lacklustre world rankings of its top universities. At the forefront of this ambitious plan is the rapid internationalisation of its inward-looking higher education sector, aimed at creating global universities and internationally minded students. Read more...

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New push to tighten up on study abroad agents

By Yojana Sharma. China is tightening up the licensing of China-based agents for overseas universities, with the sector sullied in recent years by allegations of falsified documentation and ‘conveyor belt’ essays produced as part of the application process to universities in Britain, the United States, Australia and other countries. Read more...

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Frugal innovation means a bigger role for engagement

By Rebecca Warden. Economic development is all about competitive businesses that create jobs for people and efficient public institutions that can support this. Universities can contribute to both and the changing nature of the process of innovation means their role is becoming increasingly important. Read more...

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Strong role for universities in training entrepreneurs

By Rebecca Warden. When a small-time builder did a short course on entrepreneurship at the Naryn campus of the University of Central Asia, he became very enthusiastic about what he learned and went on to become a small-time contractor. For young people in countries where job opportunities are scarce, self-employment or setting up a business may be the best chance of making a living. Universities can help. Read more...

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Engaged universities contribute to economic development

By Rebecca Warden. Engaged universities – those that see engaging with the wider community as part and parcel of their mission – can use these activities to contribute to economic development too. Around the globe, universities are doing this in various ways, some in ways you might expect, others in ways that might surprise you. Read more...

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Germany grows in popularity among American students

By Michael Gardner. Universities in Germany are becoming increasingly attractive for students from the United States. Also, more and more Germans are doing part of their studies in America, says the German Academic Exchange Service, or DAAD. Read more...

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Australian universities to help boost US study abroad

By Geoff Maslen. Five Australian universities are contributing to an American initiative to encourage more United States students to go abroad by promoting education opportunities on their campuses.
Launched by the US Institute of International Education, or IIE, the Generation Study Abroad initiative aims to double the number of American students going overseas to study by the end of the decade. Read more...

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