15 novembre 2014

A review of MOOCs and their assessment tools

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/MIT-MOOC-panel-548x305.jpgBy Tony Bates. Holy proliferating MOOCs!
He starts with a taxonomy of MOOC instructional models, as follows:
    BOOCs (a big open online course) – only one example, by a professor from Indiana University with a grant from Google, is given which appears to be a cross between an xMOOC and a cMOOC and had 500 participants.
    DOCCs (distributed open collaborative course): this involved 17 universities sharing and adapting the same basic MOOC
    LOOC (little open online course): as well as 15-20 tuition-paying campus-based students, the courses also allow a limited number of non-registered students to also take the course, but also paying a fee. Three examples are given, all from New England.
    MOORs (massive open online research): again just one example is given, from UC San Diego, which seems to be a mix of video-based lecturers and student research projects guided by the instructors
    SPOCs (small, private, online courses): the example given is from Harvard Law School, which pre-selected 500 students from over 4,000 applicants, who take the same video-delivered lectures as on-campus students enrolled at Harvard
    SMOCs: (synchronous massive open online courses): live lectures from the University of Texas offered to campus-based students are also available synchronously to non-enrolled students for a fee of $550. Read more...
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